Style, fabric and a great colour or pattern choice set the trend for new summer shirts men will be wearing

Who would have thought that this year’s weather would be so hot? Just as hot are this season's new men’s shirts that they will be donning in the heat. Take a look at what’s new on offer for gifts, for shorts or for mens wardrobes, then take your pick…

Add some short sleeve shirts… Men are loving lightweight shirts as temperatures soar. There's no need to layer over a T-shirt or vest. This is why shirts are a great alternative for work wear, casual wear, smart wear, Christmas outfits, shorts and accessories that adults, girls, boys and babies can wear in the warmer months.

New statement garments and accessories like shoes and bags abound, so take your pick! Now that sales are starting, you can also take a look at what blouses, shorts and accessories are available everywhere!

The best warm weather shirt 

From their first appearance on the 2024 runways, new shirts for men will be wearing and have chosen as their favourites are making their impact felt. 

New patterns shorts, blouses and accessories including bags and shoes come in every style, from shirts with subtle stripes to over-the-top swirls. Colours for shorts, blouses and dresses are soft or bright neon. Styles are simple, cool and comfortable. It doesn't matter whether you’re looking for a new shirt for a smart or festive occasion like Christmas or new clothing for a more casual event, there's a wide selection for presents or to add to a warm weather wardrobe for men, girls and boys.

Warm weather dressing doesn’t get any better than a soft printed shirt. Pick a simple, casual printed short sleeve shirt. Select a new smart button-down shirt to wear over a T, and you’re sorted for the season.  

We've had to wear layer upon layer of clothing all winter, but finally, it’s hot and there's no need to layer up anymore. Now's the time to consider the new shirts men will love to wear all season long. Choose new colours, patterns and styles for shorts, blouses and accessories for babies, adults, girls and boys. Have some fun with your choices for this season, with our top fabric and picks for shorts and blouses of all types. These also make great presents.

Different types of men's shirts

We've compiled the latest choices for new clothes for you. They include everything from the classic button-down shirt to chic collarless ones or special ones for a night out on the town. Our best tip? When the weather is hot, keep clothes light and effortless. Remember this when buying presents.

Classic fit button-down

Its classic regular fit and long sleeve style makes this simple shirt with buttons on its collar your choice. 

Best fabric? Lightweight cotton or linen is best.

The smart shirt

If you do need to wear a tie (heaven help you), choose a dress shirt for a smart occasion, even a special Christmas event. Select the style of your collar and cuff, some fine fabric and keep other details to a minimum.

Best fabric? For smart shirts, cotton is best, as it’s breathable, hard-wearing and comfortable in the heat. Other choices to order from maake? Poplin or twill.

The fancy style

Looking to buy some new items for a hot night on the town? Going to a club or outdoor venue? Keep a few buttons undone – the girls and boys will love it!

Our choice of textile for fancy clothing and accessories? Silk, satin or jacquard make great presents.

The denim shirt

A year-round staple with a style all its own, the denim shirt often comes out to play. Wear it over a white T with sleeves rolled up, or loose over a swim suit or body suit after a day on the beach or at the gym. Denim is also great for shorts, pants, jeans, even baby clothing and accessories like bags and shoes.

Everyone's top fabric to buy? Choose damask for a cooler choice, or stick to denim with the buttons undone, in a variety of indigo hues.

The Cuban collar 

A simple, casual open collar keeps this Cuban collar shirt relaxed and unpretentious for any informal event. Choose a lightweight fabric and a short sleeve shirt where possible, with a checked or other light-hearted pattern like flowers.

The most popular material?  Buy cotton or linen. Linen is excellent as the creases give it a more natural, casual effect. This fabric is breathable, making it best in the sizzling heat. 

Seersucker, with its distinctive crinkled texture, is another great choice for new items such as shorts, pants and accessories. 

Fit for work

Choose a cool, comfortable new shirt – ideal for working from home or heading to the office. Go all the way with a button-down shirt, or keep it more casual with a short sleeved shirt. No matter what you choose, whether it’s presents or something for yourself, pick fabrics that have a distinctive office feel. 

Don’t choose a new office shirt with sober checks. Include a touch of fun with a subtle floral pattern or some subtle hues. Keep your style professional, and a bit more relaxed.

Great summer fabric? A breathable cotton that’s lightweight or fabric with UV protection makes an ideal wardrobe staple and makes perfect presents.

A classic white shirt with short or long sleeve

To take you from the beach to the office and out on the town, choose a classic white shirt. Make sure it's in a soft, breathable fabric that caresses your skin. And roll up the sleeves.

The top fabric? It doesn’t have to be freshly starched when it’s hot; go for creased linen or wrinkled seersucker. A great choice for presents is Indian cotton which will keep you cool from day to night. It looks great with jeans.

5 ways to wear a white shirt 

Classic, stylish and versatile, the basic white shirt can elevate a look all season long. It’s one of the reasons these make such great presents for adults, girls and boys. Here’s how to wear them:

  1. Wear with cream suits: Makes a great statement and will keep the wearer cool all day long.
  2. Make it cool and casual: Choose an informal blazer instead of a jacket for a chic style. Wear with jeans or casual pants to upgrade the look. Choose blue or khaki for a cool, more casual warm weather effect.
  3. Waistcoats give a white shirt a more formal look: Stay cool by adding a waistcoat instead of a jacket for a more formal business look.
  4. Chinos for a touch of style: You can look chic and cool for business meetings in crisp chinos and a white shirt. For casual wear, shorts and white blouses or T’s in chino fabric are a great option and alternative to jeans.
  5. Keep it white: To keep your white shirt white, wash only with other white items, remove stains on shirts right away so that the stains don’t stick and air dry in the sun.

    Hot trends for men 

    Looking for presents or for stunning T’s, shorts and accessories as well as clothing to add to your wardrobe? Check out the following:

    • The Cuban collar shirt is open and casual which makes it popular.
    • Cool white shirts (view our comments above).
    • Regular fit collars in contrasting colours create excitement and fun.
    • Patterns are ideal: stripes, tie-dye, geometric, graffiti, tie-dye and florals are all great for all kinds of clothing, pants, shorts and accessories.
    • The return of monochrome shirts – striking, elegant black and white is always a great combination
    • Our choice for new shirts for workwear? We’ve selected plain and light-coloured shirts. You can include some striped textured shirts, too.
    • There’s a reason light colours are always on trend for shirts, shorts, pants, babies items and accessories. They help you keep your cool, and reflect the most light. Great picks for clothes to wear with shorts include light blue, tan, white, khaki and other natural colours.
    • When the regular fit is loose, your shirt will be more comfortable. A quick tip: take a bigger size for the hot months. In fact, the looser the shirt, the more comfortable it will be in the heat. It’s a pity we can’t wear loose footwear, too!


    Don’t take a shirt collar for granted: it’s one of the first things people look at when they look at a man. It can be subtle or distinct, depending on what effect you’re looking for, and when it’s warm, it can cool you down or be stifling. So check out collar styles with care. We look at 3 distinctive collars to give you some inspiration that also make great presents:

    1. Regular or spread collar: This is one of the most common shirt collars, ideal for formal or casual shirts and extremely versatile.
    2. Cuban collars: We already mentioned these popular collar styles earlier. They’re best when worn open, so they’re cool, relaxed and casual.
    3. The button down: Certainly a little more formal and also not as cool and casual as the other collars, these are ideal for formal or business shirts.

       What to think about when choosing a collar:

      • Stiff collars are perfect for formal occasions and business shirts. Casual shirts usually have soft collars.
      • The size of the collar also depends on how big the wearer is and the shape of the wearer’s face. So try on the shirt and look at the bigger picture before choosing a shirt. If you’re unsure, always choose a collar that is neither too large or too small.

      maake’s pick of sizzling fabrics

      Whether you’re making new clothes, trousers, shorts, pants or babies accessories or other marketing products for your business, for presents or to add to a wardrobe, it’s important to know all about the perfect fabrics to choose. Take a look:


      Choose lightweight, breathable 100% cotton or cotton blend fabrics (especially those that are a silk or linen blend) when you shop for shirts and T-shirts as well as shorts, pants, babies clothes and accessories like handbags and soft shoes. A good tip to remember, especially for presents or new products for your business: a cotton material that has a tighter weave is less likely to crease. This makes it perfect for babies clothing, too.

      Poplin is a common shirt fabric, and we’ve included 3 stunning poplin fabrics in our collection for you to view. There’s also a great twill available. View our choices for new T-shirts, shorts, pants and accessories for babies, kids and adults below:

      maake’s choice of fabrics 


      Poplin: 100% cotton fabric. Ideal shirt material that’s extremely lightweight and cool.

      Organic Poplin: This 100% GOTS cotton material is the organic version of our popular cotton poplin fabric. A great choice for new shirts and accessories for babies, adults or kids for the warmer months.

      Stretch Poplin: Fabric made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane. With its slight stretch, this fabric is perfect for short sleeve stretch shirts and hot weather outerwear (also great for garments, pants, shorts and accessories for women, babies, boys and girls).

      Satin Cotton: A 100% cotton luxury satin weave fabric with a luxurious texture and a matte finish. Perfect for shirts, shorts, pants, baby wear and accessories in the warmer months.

      Light Twill: This 100% cotton material is structured, but it drapes nicely as well. It’s perfect for casual wear and accessories, shirts included.

      Single Cotton Elastane Jersey: Made from 90% cotton fabric and 10% elastane, this material is great for T-shirts and pants. It’s soft to the touch and boasts a 4-way stretch.

      Calico Plain Cotton: Another great 100% cotton fabric. This is one of our most versatile and popular fabrics for clothing and accessories for babies, kids and adults.

      Organic Calico Natural: Organic cotton that is also 100% unbleached cotton calico.

      Cotton Denim: A thicker fabric, ideal for jeans and accessories for adults, babies and kids.


      An all-natural fabric made from the flax plant, linen is a popular choice and an excellent alternative to cotton for new items. Remember this when buying presents for babies, girls, boys and adults. Although it does wrinkle, that’s part of its charm. The more the fabric wrinkles, this shows just how high the quality of the linen is.

      With its open weave, linen is great in the heat as it’s more breathable than cotton. It allows heat to escape much better than cotton does. But do take note: the more open the fabric weave, the more the fabric will wrinkle. Consider this before you purchase items for babies, a top, a pair of shorts and certain accessories.

      Manufacturers have come up with various blends that give you a cool fabric that doesn’t crease as much. These are the ones to select. maake has some in our collection for you. Take a look at our recommendations below.

      maake’s choices:

      Melino Line: This soft, smooth fabric is 7% linen and 93% cotton. It is the most lightweight material in our linen range.

      Limani Linen: Comprising 10% linen and 90% cotton, this material is woven with a slub yarn. It’s a gorgeous fabric with a very distinctive texture. It’s medium-weight, so it's perfect for making lighter jackets and accessories, too. It's also used for shirts for girls.

      Jersey fabrics

      Many natural fabrics like those mentioned above are blended with synthetic fibres to create lightweight new shirts and other clothing for warm weather. Here are 2 of our best synthetic blends to order, whether you’re looking for presents, business products or clothes and accessories for babies, kids and adults to add to your warm-weather wardrobe.

      maake’s choices:


      Organic Jasmine Lycra Jersey: This 100% cotton material is a lightweight cotton jersey fabric that is ideal for sunny days.

      Organic Jersey Interlock: Comprises 100% organic cotton fabric. The material doesn't stretch as much as other jersey fabrics. It's also lightweight, smooth-textured and comfortable, which is why men choose it for shirts.

      Organic Lily Jersey: The fabric includes 93% GOTS cotton and 7% elastane. It’s a lightweight cotton jersey fabric that’s perfect for T-shirts and activewear.

      Single Cotton Elastane Jersey: Made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane. Our most lightweight cotton jersey fabric is often used for leggings and T-shirts, as well as garments for ladies, girls and boys.

      Poppy Lycra Jersey: Comprises 89% cotton and 11% elastane. A soft, smooth, textured lightweight cotton jersey popular for active- and leisure-wear for adults, boys and girls alike.

      Synthetic blends

      Many natural fabrics like those mentioned above are blended with synthetic fibres to create lightweight new shirts and other clothing for warm weather. Here are 2 of our best synthetic blends to order, whether you’re looking for presents, business products or clothes and accessories for babies, kids and adults to add to your warm-weather wardrobe.

      maake’s choices:

      Avio Cotton Mix: 95% polyester and 5% cotton fabric. A popular polycotton blended fabric that is ideal to use for clothing. It also prints beautifully.

      Eco Linen Look: Made of 53% rPET (recycled polyester) and 5% linen, this recycled polyester blend has a natural look and feel and is ideal for light clothing, pants, shorts and shirts.

      Easy Care Twill: 100% polyester material – the polyester version of our popular Panama fabrics. Great for cool shirts and shorts, but especially for warm weather shirts.

      Inspirational information 

      We’ve put together a library of blogs full of information to help you use our services in the best way possible to make your small business a success. Take a look at some of the most pertinent ones relating to warm-weather shirts.

      They include the fabric that is best to use for making clothing, cool summer fabrics, printing on fabric and sustainability. Read these for inspiration before you go shopping for presents for ladies, girls and boys, too.

      Summer colours

      Keeping cool isn’t just about the fabric – although this is the major part of getting it right and keeping out the heat. Men, (even ladies, girls and boys) will also feel a lot cooler if you shop for the right colours for shirts for staples and presents from the menu below. Here’s an idea of what is great in the warmer months:

      • Go pastel: Soft shades like pastel blue, green, and even pastel pink will keep the wearer cool all day long. Soft blues in particular are calming, tranquil and relaxing.
      • Feel like bright? Choose vibrant colours that remind you of an island holiday – orange, yellow and green will give you a resort vibe. Turquoise also stands out and is a refreshing alternative.
      • Classic for summer: White shirts never go out of style. Beige and cream also work – these are other great warm-weather options.
      • Why wear khaki? This classic shade is extremely versatile, too, as you can dress it up or keep it casual.
      • Why light shades are popular: A light shade reflects sunlight and keeps you cool.
      • Take skin tone into account: Certain shades only look good on specific skin tones, so if you’re planning to wear a yellow shirt, for example, make sure you choose a shade that works. Remember: the reason we look so good in white in warm weather is that it offsets tanned skin so well.

        How to choose warm weather shades

        1. Colours affect the emotions

        We’ve compiled a handy guide to experience how colour affects our emotions, which will give you an excellent idea of how colours can elevate your mood – make you happy, relaxed, carefree and so on. Remember: shades near blue on the colour spectrum are cooler and calmer, while the colour red is hot and angry, etc. So shop with this in mind, especially if you’re choosing presents.

        2. Why you need to consider your skin tone

        We mentioned this earlier, but it’s important to remind you again. Those with lighter skin tones can wear darker colours – but this may well make you hot. However, always consider your skin tone when choosing a colour, so that you look great as well as cool, calm and collected.

        3. Include a touch of contrast

        An all-blue or all-cream outfit certainly won’t make you stand out in a crowd. For more interest, add a contrasting colour to your outfit or accessories.

        The perfect fit

        When you shop online or off-the-shelf for new staples or presents, think about the perfect fit for a new short sleeve or long sleeved shirt:

        • Each brand has a different fit. So take note of your measurements so that you have them on hand to make sure you get the perfect fit: these include the length of the shirt, length of the sleeve, shoulder measurement, waist and cuffs measurements. After all, fit is a very important consideration.
        • Length is also important when talking about fit. Is the garment long enough? Raise your arms to view whether the shirt slips out of your trousers, or stays put.
        • If choosing cotton or linen shirts to add to your warm-weather wardrobe or for presents, remember that the fabric may shrink a little, which will change its regular fit. However, if it’s a blend of synthetic and cotton or linen fibres, it’s unlikely to shrink much. It won’t fit any differently no matter how often you wash it.

          We have your back: designer tools to assist you

          We offer two very handy Designer Tools to help you. They also make stunning presents for creative people and those who are starting their own businesses. The first, a Designer Starter Bundle is a Tool Set for beginners with little or no experience. It lets you:

          • Familiarise yourself with our selection of fabrics
          • Learn how to get a perfect colour match
          • Enjoy an informative designer’s booklet with hints and tips on how to create your fabric.

          What it includes:

          1. One of our innovative Sample Books, which offers swatches of all our fabric products that you can print on. The samples are printed so that you can view how colours show up on each of the different fabrics.
          2. You also receive a Mini Colour Atlas, which is 65x48cm in size and offers a visual feast of the 2,400+ colours we use when we print, with their codes. This way. You can view the colours on the fabric and select which ones you want to use.
          3. Printing digital designer booklet with plenty of information on printing on fabric with maake.
          4. 5 large fabric samples.
          5. £5 voucher for you to use on your next order.

          Yours with a 40% discount - £12!

           We have another great bundle: these make great presents for the experts!

          Our Designer Pro Bundle is currently available for those with experience in designing at a special price of £21!

          It includes everything you get in the Starter Bundle, and much more!

          • Large Polyester Colour Atlas in Easy Care Panama fabric instead of a mini one (140 x 100cm in size) PLUS
          • Large Cotton Calico Colour Atlas (140 x 100cm in size).

          This way, you can view exactly what your natural or synthetic materials will look like when they are printed on! These Colour Atlases are the regular (plus size) of the Colour Atlases we offer our customers that cost £11 each!

          Order your Designer Pro Bundle or Designer Starter Bundle at a special price right away! Whether it’s for presents or your business, you’ll be doing yourself a favour!

          How maake can assist you further

          Check out our Design Library on our site for inspiration or shop one of the exquisite designs available to print on. Hopefully, a few will be clear winners!

          Creation and we will print it for you on the fabric of your choice, to suit whatever product you’re making, whether it’s tops, pants, shorts, babies clothing or accessories.

          Buy a Sample Book




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