Empowering Small and Medium Businesses - Your Vision, Our Tools.

Why we do what we do

Made For You

-that’s the ethos at the heart of maake.

Our founders, Alexander and Artemis, spent more than 15 years in textile printing industry. They saw creative talent get lost in a system filled with daunting minimums, intricate ordering processes, and extended waits due to overseas
outsourcing. They knew there had to be a better way.

So, they rolled up their sleeves and sparked a change in the textile industry. Their vision? A platform that breathes life into your extraordinary ideas.

Let's shake up the textile industry together.

Beyond a Supplier - Your Creative Powerhouse

At maake, it's all about You, Your Ideas, and Your Triumph.

Precision, Perfected.

Made With Expertise

Our skilled team ensures every order arrives just as you envision, punctually and consistently. From artwork preparation to printing & finishing, our North London factory exudes a passion for quality.

Advanced spectrophotometry ensures minimal colour variance across fabrics. With state-of-the-art 8 Colour digital pigment ink technology for our cotton prints, we offer vibrant, enduring designs. For polyester and other synthetics, we use the latest dye-sublimation technology, guaranteeing wash-fastness, rub-fastness, and exceptional colour vibrancy.

Reliable colour accuracy, meticulous quality control, swift delivery - we've got it all covered. You dream it, we craft it.

Made Responsibly

Committed to sustainability, we champion ethical sourcing and zero-waste printing. We ensure our processes are energy-efficient and use safe, approved inks.

We care for our team, our clients, and our planet.

We offers more than just a service;

We're your reliable partner, here to help you navigate this dynamic industry and we go beyond just supplying fabric. Together, we turn your creative vision into a thriving reality. We have sewing, patterns and project management services for your most complex collections.

Fuel Your Imagination

Made to inspire

At maake, we're all about passion and creativity. Here, you can personalize your business with unique fabrics and designs that express your style.

Our collection, rich with over 10,000 unique designs from independent artists, stands out from the crowd. Each print you choose supports an artist, enhancing our vibrant community.

Take advantage of our learning center to boost your design skills. Create fabrics that reflect you as an artist and business owner. At maake, we empower your authentic self.

More Than Just Big Labels!

We have helped over 10,300 businesses use digital textile printing in their own brands.

Customer reviews
OH MY GOODNESS!  You guys are bloody fantastic, thank you so so so much, I cannot explain to you how happy you've made me!! Is there anywhere I can leave you guys a glowing review?! I truly appreciate it so much, you've helped me out SO much!  YAY!!! 
— Claire
The fabric was absolutely excellent and the coat turned out brilliantly! We were absolutely thrilled with it and so grateful to you for all your help and the quick turnaround.
— Abigail