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Working with large fashion houses and brands such as ASOS, Netflix, Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou and more, we have experienced first hand what a professional student presentation can achieve.
Job opportunities, start up credibility and more.
Getting a professional relationship established as you start your career can be crucial.
As a bonus, you will also be getting access to our video library with industry secrets and business advice through our business coaching service maakeacademy.

Start-up incentive

It is so exciting to graduate and start making your first steps into the professional industry. It is also stressful and scary.

If you are graduating this year and have been in our system for at least one year prior you can apply for a discount on our accelerator designed for start-ups and small businesses.

Artwork services

Need help with artwork?
Got a design idea but don't have the time or ability to perfect it.
Our fully trained artwork studio are here to help you realise your vision.
All we need is your brief and initial ideas, and our studio can help you create your print-ready artwork from scratch.
*We charge £10 per 15 minutes and can quote on a per-job bases
Book your FREE discovery call to discuss your project and get an estimate.

Make a big impression with your designs and get a 1:1...

Snatch all the awards at uni by using the tools below.

Sample book

Can't visualise our product's look and feel? Order our sample book, packed with swatches from our complete range, allowing you to touch and see the variety of fabrics ready for your creative imprint. With over 83 fabrics, we got you covered!

Colour Atlas

The colour atlas is designed to fit on one meter of fabric and consists of over 2400 colours and their codes. It allows designers to see the colours on fabric or paper, and to select the colours to use in designs, useful for colour matching and selection.

Production Services

Dreaming up a project but hitting roadblocks with specifics or artwork? We're here to assist! Schedule a free call with our studio today and let's transform your design vision into a tangible masterpiece. Are you a bussiness? Explore our collection management programs today.

Fabric testing certificates

Many of our fabrics have been tested & pass EN71-3 certification & contain zero formaldehyde – meaning they are safe for use in children's products.

Are my designs private?

Absolutely. Your designs, stored securely on our servers, are treated with the utmost respect for your privacy. At Fashion Formula, we safeguard your creativity.

Sewing Templates

We have created a selection of design templates in order to help you reach your project goals. From face masks to tote bags, we're here to make your creative journey easy.