Warm, inviting winter home decor will make the winter months much more bearable. maake has put together some great home décor ideas to cosy up your home and keep out the winter chill

Make living through the cold months a comfy, nurturing experience.

For winter home decor, don't just bring in lots of colour, welcoming scents and inviting aromas at Christmas time. Use room décor ideas for the whole season.

Memories are made of: Cuddling in a cozy blanket by the fire as the wind roars outside. Or sipping a warm drink while you relax on the couch. Enjoy endless conversations with friends as you all sit around a table brimming with delicious food and wine. That's what we want you to recreate in your home décor.

Warm inspiration for winter decorations

Here are a few simple steps to spruce up your home and make your winter home decor warm and inviting all winter long, from adding plush fabrics and cheerful colours to making your furniture super comfortable.

·    Change it up – Re-arranging your furniture will give your house a new look. Create cosy spots to cuddle in. Place chairs to laze on where you can catch the winter sun. Surround the hearth with comfortable seating and plush pillows for basking by the fire. 

·    Bring out the candles – Much like a gorgeous fire that you toast yourself in front of, candles brighten up the evening darkness and offer lots of warmth.

·   Add some light – Make the best of natural light with these simple tricks: Hang a mirror on the wall to reflect the light in a room. Brighten dark corners with a reading nook and a lamp, or put a vase filled with fresh flowers in the room to give it lots of colour.

·    Winter décor accessories will warm up a room – Add pops of bright colour to offset the dullness of the grey sky outside. Colourful decor accessories never go out of season, which is why you should add some cheerful colour to your rooms. Check out our fabulous ready-made décor accessories here!

Some more great ideas

·    Keep out the chill with a rug – Cosy carpets and rugs warm up a room. And they luxurious, add texture and keep out the cold. 

·    Warm up those windows – For winter, choose thicker fabric for curtains. Otherwise, invest in a second layer of curtaining for the window when it’s cold outside.

·    Throw on a throw – A soft, snuggly throw will add a touch of warmth to a bed, a couch, or a reading corner. Drape a throw on a bench, a chair or anywhere you may want to snuggle in. It will keep you warm and cosy all winter long.

·    Pull out the pillows – The more pillows you can add, the more spots you’ll have to cuddle up in. Choose textured, comfy fabrics for cushions, pillows and poufs. It will make all the difference.

·    Make it smell like home – Warm scents make us feel warmer, so use them to make your home smell delicious and welcoming. Use an oil diffuser to create an inviting environment. There are lots of fabulous scents you can use, from gingerbread to a country garden!

How to add more warmth to your winter home decor

These winter home decor ideas will create a warmer atmosphere in your home.

The winter bedroom

·    Use layers of bedding, blankets, throws and pillows to keep you warm.

·    Swap cotton sheets for flannel or microfibre ones that are cosy and cuddly.

·    Shop for fabrics to warm up the bed that are plush and luxurious, like velvet, faux fur, fleece, wool and polyester – the list is endless. 

·    A knitted blanket or quilt at the end of the bed is just waiting to add some colour and warmth.

·   Choose a warm, inviting colour palette for a special touch.

Your living room in winter

Add a few of these inspirational décor touches to lighten dark living room decor this winter…

·    Warm up chilly floors with a thick textured rug.

·    Cover the couch with plenty of pillows and a gorgeous colourful throw.

Layering fabrics will add extra warmth and texture. Keep blankets near the bed for snuggling in.

·    A vase of fresh colourful flowers will brighten up the space and give a hint of spring to come.

·    Dress up the mantelpiece over the fire with candles, greenery and family photographs.

Inspiration for the winter table

·    Make sure there are some gorgeous kitchen smells wafting into the dining room and living areas. People love to smell fresh coffee brewing, a stew on the stove or a cake in the oven.

These aromas will make you feel nurtured and cosy, as if you’re in a country home.

·    Create homely, inviting table setting decor with colourful centrepieces of seasonal fresh fruit. Place gorgeous evergreens and pine cones in the centre of the table.

Evergreens will take your decor through the Festive Season and right into spring.

·    Ensure breakfast is a special occasion with a pretty tablecloth, inviting recipes and a quirky teapot. 

·    Dinner may be only soup and crusty bread, but the table can still look warm and inviting.

Colours and patterns for winter home decor

Winter home decor can make your home warm and welcoming – The cosier the colours inside your house, the more inviting it will be. This winter, choose warming shades – russet red, mustard, burnt orange, olive green and a muted yellow will all offer a cozy touch. 

Deep Red Solid by mariafaithgarcia

Brick Red Solid by mariafaithgarcia

Plain Solid Mustard Yellow by itsjensworld

Olive Green Solid by mariafaithgarcia

Soft Yellow Solid by mariafaithgarcia

Christmas colours are gorgeous, but rather choose colours that will last all winter long.

Create more long-lasting colour choices: forest or sage green is stunning, as is salmon red and burgundy.  Add in some neutrals for extra warmth – like wooden tones, tan, cream and taupe or winter white for a special effect.

Pattern and texture makes all the difference

Try not to reinvent your home’s entire colour scheme. Use products in textured fabrics to bring in some warmth. Velvet, fleece and chenille fabrics will all add the right touch of heat.

Be inspired by our designs that can add texture and luxury, too.

Think about plaids, florals, animal prints and stripes in warm tones. There’s a resurgence of tartans and tweeds, too, plus muted florals in jewel tones.

One surprising colour blend is pink and green: for winter we suggest emerald green and terracotta pink.

Some design samples:

Dachsund Red Buffalo Plaid by mariafaithgarcia

Christmas plaid by andrea_lauren

Rainbow Tartan 8 by BraveNe

Some gorgeous winter home decor inspiration from maake

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