Innovative ideas to transform this year’s Christmas table decorations into a fantasy of fun and festive cheer 

Are you scouring the shops for items to decorate your Festive dining table with? Or are you providing the products for others to make their Christmas feast a special one? Either way, it’s time to put on your creative hat and get inventive.

There are numerous fabulous ideas out there! Harness your imagination or take a leaf out of a few design websites (like ours, which has a wonderful selection of fun designs for the holidays).

Dream up your ideal tablescape first. For your Christmas table decorations, use table runners, serviettes, place holders, tablecloths and anything else you can find to create a festive effect.

We’ve put our thinking caps on, too, and have come up with a wealth of suggestions to help you. Check out what we’ve come up with for some inspiration for your 2023 Christmas décor.

Get into the festive mood

Think about your guests when you brainstorm Christmas table decorations. If you’re creating table décor for different people, put these ideas into different categories: the modern table, the farm table, the family table, the classic table… the list is endless.

Consider the style of the home and the personality of the people who live in it. It’s easier to shop for your own home. If you’re making products for your business, you need to categorise them.

Step 1: choose a colour scheme

First choose a colour scheme. This way, you'll have a good idea of where to go from there.

·    Festive Season colours are traditionally red and green, or just one of those gorgeous cheerful hues. 

·    Alternatively, there’s silver and white, purple and gold, green and gold, green and white… 

·    Keep to colours that harness the festive spirit, or go monochrome with just a touch of gold or silver, for a modern edge. 

Holly Berry Eucalyptus Christmas Table Runner by Marinova from maakeHome

·    Another great modern look is to mix in contrasting prints (stripes, polka dots or gingham).

Here are some great designs from our own collection to inspire you…

Step 2: The personalised effect for Christmas decor

·    Handwrite or stencil guests’ names onto name cards, or use a metallic pen that will wash out and write their names on wine glasses.

·    Leave something small at each place setting – a tiny gift, perhaps, or a mini wreath or ornament. 

Scandinavian Christmas Cocktail Napkin by Faenkova

·    Candles create a cosy, intimate atmosphere. Or choose other Christmas lights – tea candles or fairy lights – for a festive effect.

Innovative festive Christmas table decorations 

Expand on these ideas for Christmas table decorations and create some magic…

Table runners

A table runner is very effective if you have a beautiful wooden table or want to create a rustic effect. 

·      Wreath Christmas table runner: To make this, take 2 or 3 simple pine wreaths and place them around votive candles either in small glasses. String these all along the table. Decorate with bells, string and some pine cones for a festive country effect.

Red Berries Table Runner by Ojardin from maakeHome's Designer Christmas Collection

·      Simple festive table runner: Uncomplicate your table décor with a simple runner  in a neutral hue – cream or off-white. Add embellishments like cinnamon sticks, holly and white candles.

·      Substitute greenery for the table runner: Find a leafy branch or create a lengthwise effect using greenery to act as a runner. Trim with red berries, pine cones and candles.

Christmas table decorations: centrepieces

Centrepieces set off the theme and take centre stage down the middle of the table. Here are a few ideas to make yours stand out…

·      Rock candy as a centrepiece: Brighton Rock or other candy cane can make a stunning, colourful centrepiece for your table. Select different colours, or stick to the green and red festive palette. Place in a glass vase or 2 for everyone to nibble on after dinner, and decorate with greenery and left-over Christmas holiday decorations.

·      Canning jar decoration Place a few simple canning jars running down the centre of the table. Fill each with a pretty votive candle. Surround with some greenery. 

·      Flowers as the highlight: Alternate a posy of fresh flowers and greenery in a little vase with candle a holder all along the centre of the table.

Place settings

Continue the theme of the centrepiece or table runner on the place settings for extra effect. Greenery, pops of red in berries or decorations and a little gold or silver will create a stunning look.

·      Mini tree: Put a tiny Christmas tree on white side plates at every place setting. Green with a pop of white is effective and festive.

·      Snow globe: Add a snow globe instead of a Christmas tree as a place setting. This will delight the kids and the ‘child’ in every adult.

·      Greenery: Tie twigs, leaves and sprigs together with string to hold serviettes in place. 

Nature Winter Mistletoe Twigs with Berries Cocktail Napkin by Ojardin

·      Colourful serviettes and placemats: If you only do one thing to make your Christmas holiday table stand out, do it with your serviettes. We offer a selection of gorgeous designs for ready-made serviettes that will complete your luxury Christmas table settings with panache. A solid colour or perhaps a tartan? The choice is yours.

Mix up the look with a placemat in a different pattern. If you went with tartan for the serviette, why not do a black and white check for the placemat?

View some of the great designs in the maakeHome library

Simple Christmas table decorations with a bang

A few ideas for your dining room table setting to get your creative juices flowing…

·      Rustic: Add touches of wood – twigs, branches, wood slices, wooden bowls and salad servers.

·      Modern: Keep it chic with gold or bronze cutlery and modern candlesticks.

·      Winter theme: Create a White Christmas holiday theme with snow dusted pine cones, twigs, greenery and berries. For frost and snow, try coarse salt; it’s very effective.

·      Farm: Make a garland of pine cones and add some vintage brass table accessories (candlesticks, serving spoons, serviette holders).

·      Classic: A gorgeous ornate gold or silver candelabra that takes 5 or 6 candles will create a stunning look. Choose red or green candles for a warm, colourful effect.

·      Gold: Embellish red, green and white decorations with lots of gold elements. This creates a glamorous festive atmosphere. Use gold plates, candle holders and cutlery for extra effect.

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November 15, 2023 — Artemis Doupa