Beyond Supplying fabric

The fastest way to grow your business and scale up

For sustainable growth in your business, you need to know what needs your attention.

You need Clarity. Focus. Freedom.

Fashion Formula works closely with maakeAcademy to get your business to the level you want it to be not only by being your trusted supplier on your fabric needs but by offering you more ways to grow and stand out in the crowd!

Making profit should be fun!

Design your heart out while you create a scalable, profitable, and fun business that can support your dream and allow you to be home for a stress-free dinner.

A must read

maakeAcademy is home to the method that gave designers the tools to weather all STORMS.

Design & Grow has revolutionised design-led businesses by helping founders claim their design time back.The STORMS methodology is an actionable blueprint on how to sustainably run and grow your business without giving up your design time.


One might go into business to free themselves from the pressures of other employment - trapped in one's own business. We believe business should be fun and we have crafted our accelerators to provide the structure and the techniques to claim your time back.

Take your business to the next level!

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Find out where you should be focusing more of your energy in order to get your design business performing stronger, operating smarter and scaling easier. 

Our rapid-fire quiz produces a tailored assessment  that will help you to bridge the gaps that may be slowing down the growth potential of your brand.