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With over three decades in the industry, our vision is simple: a world where custom fabric printing is seamless, and where every piece
is tailored just for you, produced only when you need it.

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"maake has the biggest selection of fabrics and we could get it really quickly with whatever prints we wanted. They already have a varied amount of qualities, which is why I always come back. I'm much more, leaning towards more environmentally friendly, fabric spaces and love the fact that you print in the UK. "
— Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Design - wedding image using Custom Printed Duchess Satin
"Being able to work with a business that you can print on demand made a massive difference in my business and how I operate. It gave me a lot more flexibility"
— Sian Thomas, Sian Elin
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Our vision? To foster happy and successful entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in the textile industry.
Join the 10,000+ businesses that have printed material with us to introduce sustainable digital textile printing into their brand. Many have gained visibility and experienced growth in their respective industries through our innovative fabric prints.
Seeking a seamless ordering process, personalised customer service, consistency, and ethical local suppliers? Need business support from a friendly fabric printer?– we maake it 
With us, you'll find things done differently.

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