We give you the best spring fabric suggestions as spring approaches, as well as timeless colours and designs for the new season

Trends come and go, but classic never goes out of style. Just as we’re looking at what everybody’s wearing in 2023, let’s take a breather and consider the various sustainable styles of clothing and interior décor soft furnishings that we can make or purchase out of fabric springtime will love. And, more importantly, let’s consider all the gorgeous fabri spring offers that we can use…

Choose styles that stand the test of time, a fabric patchwork or fabric designs that are timeless and beautiful. Rather look for textile designs that aren't fads or the latest craze. Let’s find designs to use on fabrics for clothing and lifestyle products that will last, that we can wear forever and feel like a spring chicken. 

Let’s follow the lead of French couture brands like Chanel and Dior who keep on producing exquisite, timeless textile designs and use the same initiative when we look for fabric for clothing and lifestyle products for Easter and other holidays. After all, their classic quality garments are made with quality material and make the material used for fast fashion pieces pale into insignificance. And we can use the same idea when it comes to choosing fabrics to use to decorate our homes.

While 21st century dressing and interiors are all about choosing natural, environmentally friendly material like cotton and linen, don't forget when you look for textile types, styles and sewing patterns that also signify luxury.

Get nostalgic with gorgeous floral fabric, which will always withstand the test of time, especially if you use natural material like cotton poplin or linen. Select floral material designs and items that remind you of those halcyon days when life was simpler and the planet was much greener. 

That’s the way to use fabric to dress right now – and to dress your home. It’s all about comfort, ease, nature and beauty. It’s a reminder that we need to keep the earth beautiful for coming generations by using sustainable fabrics, especially material made from natural fibres like cotton.

What are spring fabrics?

Spring fabrics are described as light weight, natural fabrics that drape and are breathable. They could be double gauze material. This causes air to circulate around the body, or on windows, in the case of a curtain. Popular textile choices with this weight include:

Popular fabrics for spring


Regular cotton fabric may be plant-based, but it isn’t sustainable compared to organic cotton material, as manufacturing this textile involves using a lot of water, chemicals and pesticides. As a result, maake recommends using sustainable fabric like organic cotton and Fair Trade cotton wherever possible, as these natural fabric choices are created using less water, pesticides and energy. This kind of material is also produced without any toxic chemicals. However, as manufacturers do use pesticides when they grow organic cotton to make material, that kind of fabric is not considered completely sustainable.

The most sustainable kind of cotton fabric is GOTS-certified cotton. Once the fabric has this certification, you can rest assured that the fabric has been carefully checked to make sure that it is environmentally friendly.

Another very sustainable kind of cotton fabric is recycled cotton, which is produced in the most eco-friendly manner of all cotton fabrics. This kind of textile is manufactured in a special way to ensure that it doesn’t end up in landfill. The fabric usually has Oeko-Tex® certification, which indicates that the fibres in the material aren’t toxic and don’t contain chemicals.

We recommend the following natural textiles

We suggest Calico Plain Cotton and Single Cotton Elastane Jersey, which are all 100 cotton fabric and ideal for warm weather clothing. Our organic fabrics include Organic Leve Panama Natural and Organic Panama NaturalRead more about organic cotton fabric here.


This light, breathable vegan material is made from the fibres of the flax plant, which are grown without using any fertiliser or pesticides and less water than some cotton fibres. Because of the way it’s produced, the material is suitable for every kind of skin type, including people with allergies.

As flax doesn’t yield a lot of fibres, producers have to grow a lot of the plant, which makes linen fabrics more expensive than cotton. Linen is blended with natural fabric fibre like cotton so that it doesn’t crease. It’s a sustainable textile with GOTS certification.

We recommend the following linen textiles

We suggest Melino Linen material which is 93% cotton and 7% linen. Limani Linen, a blend of 90% cotton and 10% linen, is another popular fabric choice. This linen cotton fabric has a slub texture.


Not only is silk sustainable; it’s also antibacterial and compostable (easy to use as compost). This gorgeous soft material is produced from silkworms. The most eco-friendly silk textile of all is ‘Peace silk’ or ‘Ahimsa silk’, a fabric produced without harming the silkworms in any manner. These worms live in natural conditions and the cloth is produced without using any chemicals. This kind of fabric is certified as OTEX Organic Silk.

Gloss Satin

We recommend the following silk textile

Our silk material option: Faux Silky Satin, which is 100% polyester fabric and the perfect alternative to 100% silk fabric.


This sumptuous fabric is perfect for summer fabric and winter materi, so it’s an ideal choice for spring. Satin is a woven fabric, a blend of various fibres including cotton, linen and viscose. Obviously, when it’s combined with cotton or linen, the fabric is sustainable. But it can be blended with synthetic fibres, too.

Shop the following satin textile choices

Satin, which is 100% cotton fabric or Organic Satin, which is 100% GOTS cotton fabric.


This is a kind of cotton fabric, but it’s much heavier, smoother and crisper than regular cotton and has a silky feel. This plain weave fabric is blended with regular or organic cotton and can be worn year-round, making it ideal for spring.

We recommend the following poplin choices

Poplin and Organic Poplin fabrics are both ideal for clothing in warmer weather. 


This cotton twill material is sturdy and extremely popular because it’s so hard-wearing. It also never goes out of style.

We recommend the following denim textile for spring

Try Cotton Denim fabric, which is ideal for a bag or two,  and accessories. 

Textile blends

Natural material and synthetics

Sometimes natural fibres are blended with synthetic ones to create a specific fabric. 

We recommend the following natural and synthetic blend

Avio Cotton Mix material is a blend of 5% cotton and 95% polyester.  

Sustainably made textiles

Fabrics that fall into this category include recycled polyester (rPET). Recycled Polyester material is more sustainable than regular polyester fabric, as it’s produced from reused plastic bottles. These fabrics have become a more sustainable choice. Also, a good quality rPET textile will have GRS and Oeko-Tex® certifications. For more information on textile certifications, check out our complete guide on Textile Certification here.

We recommend the following sustainable textiles for spring

Try Cotton Denim fabric, which is ideal for a bag or two,  and accessories. 

Important note

At maake, we always shop for fabrics that are sustainably sourced and produced using less energy and water and fewer chemicals. The fabrics we have spoken about here are all soft, breathable, light and airy – just like the organic and natural cotton and linen textile we have discussed above that we use so frequently.

Take a look at our selection of 85+ base fabrics, or choose other superior quality sustainable or natural cotton and linen material or in cross stitch kits from a haberdashery shop. You could also try an upmarket textile brands shop like an Etsy seller. For fabrics or kits, there’s Lewis and Irene, Dashwood Studio Fabrics or Rose and Hubble. For any weight of patchwork fabric, you could try Makower UK. Some of these stockists also offer ribbon and crochet or knitting patterns.

Spring textile colours for a savvy seller

We recently published a fun and informative blog on how colour affects our moods and emotions, and showed how one can choose textile shades to positively affect one’s feelings when they wear something, choose sewing patterns or step into a room.

You’ll learn how people subconsciously react to textile colour without knowing that they’re doing it. And we show you how you can consciously select material shades that will change the way you feel in a positive way.

Learn all about how you can make your life beautiful with material colour by using textile printing, stunning wallpaper or choosing some gorgeous ready-made fabric items for your home.

Use this knowledge to create a sunny atmosphere in the textile of the garment you’re wearing, or in the fabric sewing patterns you choose for home furnishings. This season conjures an image of sunshine and new beginnings, blossoms awakening after the cold season. Use fabric colours that bring these feelings to light, especially soft pastel hues.

Although every season does have its favourite fabrics, if you stick to more classic textile hues, you'll find a great, long-lasting material selection. Choose fabric colour that symbolises 'cool'; whether 'cool' means ‘the fabric is cool fabric to wear in the heat’ or ‘material that is cool and trendy to wear’!

Pantone Colour of the Year

Aside from the Pantone Colour of the Year, which is Peach Fuzz for 2024, which captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It will be used extensively in fabrics for fashion and home decor, there are many other Pantone favourites to choose for fabric for the warmer months. 

According to Pantone’s color trend report for Spring/Summer 2024, we will be choosing nature-inspired shades like fiery red, orange, turmeric gold and shades of green. And instead of grey, we’ll choose a luscious chocolate brown.

Like the Pantone Color of the year, Peach Fuzz, these shades symbolise growth, vitality and positive energy.

Make sure to browse our Colour Guide for digital colour printing, which explains print on demand colour matching for fabric in great detail.

Shop these spring textiles

Make your selection of gorgeous fabric and sewing and designs that are timeless and beautiful. The selection varies, depending on whether you’re about to use the fabric to create clothing or as décor fabric to refresh your home.

Patterns are always a good idea for both fabric garments and furnishings. So whether you’re transforming your wardrobe or your home, choose fabric that is classic and chic. For some layered interest to your fabric, use colour as well as good fabric sewing patterns and you’ll have a winning combination ready for the new season. Let’s check out some popular sewing and fabric designs to use for our warm weather fabric choices. If you’re wise, you could pick up some of these on a clearance sale:

We’ve taken some of the stunning ready-made lifestyle and décor fabric items available at maakeHome to inspire you with gorgeous fabric sewing patterns ideas and fabrication, so check them out and put some into your shopping basket! You’ll find that each of these items you choose while shopping is made from either 100% cotton or from sustainable fabrics, usually a blend of natural and semi-synthetic yarn.

Inspiring spring patterns from maake

Textiles that celebrate nature

  1. Florals: Fabric design sets like these are a firm favourite as the gorgeous blooms conjure up images of tropical holiday destinations. Floral fabric is also extremely versatile, colourful and fun. Opt for spring pink or another pretty pastel.


Pastel pink spring floral table runner

Green blossom 100% cotton tea towel

  1. Gorgeous blooms: For fabrics, we’ve chosen some of the most popular blooms that are not only in season at this time of year, but also are in beautiful colours. Spring designs with these blooms are a winning combination, but if you prefer to be versatile with your flower choices, you can put some gorgeous fresh blooms in a vase instead.


Spring Flowers Blossom Blanket

Fresh flower choices that work so well on fabrics

  • Anemones in purple, red and white offer a touch of magic to the fabric in any room.
  • Bright yellow daffodils epitomise new awakenings.
  • Hyacinths come in a variety of gorgeous hues, including China blue, deep blue, lilac and light blue, as well as pretty pastel pinks, cerise, salmon, cream and white.
  • Let’s not forget the gorgeous Iris, usually signature purple or blue, but also found in fabric in white, red, pink and darker shades like brown and almost black.
  • Pansies in yellow, shades of blue, purple and lilac are another firm fabric favourite for this time of the year.
  • Peonies are luxurious and a quintessential favourite, blossoming to full bloom in shades of pink and white. A gorgeous fabric choice.
  • Primroses usually shine in yellow, but if you’re lucky you can find some purple, pink, red or white fabric rose or primrose sewing patterns while shopping in a patterns shop.
  • Tulips, especially pink ones, look gorgeous on fabric.
    1. The environment: Nature plays a huge part in the kind of fabric we use, which is why we love natural cotton or linen fabric. Nature also plays a big part in sewing patterns designs. You'll find sewing and fabric designs with a touch of green leaves or lots of grass, exquisite abstract green fabric designs and those featuring clouds reflected against a dazzling blue sky. Adorn yourself, or a room in your home with cotton fabric featuring some gorgeous greenery.


Chinese Cherry Blossom Cocktail Napkin


Forest Green Leaves Placemat

  1. Animal prints: These fabric types are always the rage – think of looking for unusual colour combinations for your fabric choices, to give an extra touch of magic.

African Animals Baby Blanket

Bold statements for your shopping basket

  1. Large scale prints: Alexander McQueen has printed some dramatic large-scale fabric prints – and the impact is unmistakeable. Inspired by McQueen we’ve chosen a gorgeous, vividly coloured fabric for this kids apron. Take a look!

Fairy Houses and Purple Bubbles – 100% cotton Kids Apron

  1. Tie-dye prints: Tie-dye fabric remains a popular staple. These days, many tie-dye fabric is designed using natural elements like sky, wind, lightning and rain.


Tie Dye Fabric Pattern – Adult Snood

  1. Block prints: Dramatic fabric designs that are glam and beautiful and an extremely popular choice for fabric for your home or your wardrobe. Our choice is below – forgive its long label!

Topsy Turvy Frutalicious Ice Cream Trucks – Fruit Popsicles Blue Child Snood

More design inspiration

  1. Checks: These fabric prints never go out of fashion – they are romantic, aesthetically pleasing, even exuberant, if the fabric colours are bright.

Cube Theory Blanket

  1. Stripes: These fabric designs are long-standing favourites, and for good reason. Depending on the fabric design’s thickness and colours, they can be dramatic or playful, but they’re always fresh.


Retro Irregular Ogee Square Cushion - 100% cotton

  1. Mixed prints: When done correctly, these fabric prints are eye-catching, fresh and unique. A popular fabric choice remains a cotton fabric with a floral design combined with polka dots, but you can interpret this fabric look as you see fit. View the fabric we chose below, which is emblazoned with daisies and stripes:

Daisies on the stripes Square Cushion in 100% cotton drill

  1. Spots and polka dots: These fabric designs remain popular whether featured alone, combined together, or mixed with another design or fabric pattern.

100% cotton Polka Dots Yellow Square Cushion

  1. Plaid: Don’t overlook this ageless fabric design. If you use it, play with the fabric to create magical combinations. We have provided a link for you to customise/design your own fabric:


No plaid? Then customise your fabric pattern. And add fabric to your basket

Get creative for spring

Take a look at the superb selection of base print fabrics we offer. Choose the price and whichever weight suits you best and purchase fabrics by the metre, or a quarter of that if you wish:

Choose your fabric

Designers, we have your back! The beautiful fabric designs in our exclusive fabric design storage collection were all created by individual artists. Each time you view and then choose one of these stunning fabric designs, the artist gets paid a percentage of the price. Remember this when you order from our supplies of designs.

Check out our extensive fabric Design Library

Here’s an opportunity to create your very own fabric per metre. Quick! Follow the instructions to upload your own unique fabric design to create a fabric that is uniquely yours.

Design your own fabric per metre




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