What are you doing for your Christmas indoor decorations? Spice up the Christmas season and add festive cheer inside with a touch of your own personality. 

Whether you’re in the business of providing Christmas decorations for interiors or are trying to brighten up the atmosphere in your own house, let the inhabitants’ personal style dictate the Christmas theme.

These days, it’s all about letting people do as little – or as much – as they feel comfortable with when using Christmas decorations ideas.

Most people start working on their festive Christmas decor around Thanksgiving, so urge your customers (or yourself) to get moving if you’re only thinking about doing this right towards Christmas at the end of the year. Look out for solutions to help you at this late date.

Getting started on your Christmas decor

There is no single style for Christmas decorating. Everyone should be encouraged to make the Christmas season their own. There are no rules, so choose classic, or be as creative as you wish.

Whether you’re planning to go traditional, or want to make a personal statement with Christmas accessories, whether you want to save money or splurge, take note of what our expert team suggests:

Keep interiors simple

  • Your front door, your living room and your dinner table need to reflect your personality, not that of a Christmas shop window – so don’t overdo your Christmas lighting or interior decor.

Fabric Wreath from our Blog: DIY Guide: Making a Textile Christmas Wreath

  • Put the Christmas season ‘look’ together, then eliminate an old favourite it if doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right. Remember – less is always more, including in the living room.
  • Focus on your favourite pieces for Christmas, then add something new to give them a boost. Inject a pop of Christmas color, or something that stands out and creates a whole new look.
  • Even if it’s old-fashioned, keep a sentimental item in your Christmas mix. If it means something to you, it’s likely to mean something to other members of the family, too.

Decorating a seasonal interior

  1. Christmas festive season colours are red and green for decorating. So use this combination in soft shades, or choose warmer hues. A dramatic crimson and dark green (reminiscent of fir trees) always looks gorgeous. Or try something that stands out, a cheerful pop of Christmas red and green.
  2. Create warmth, tranquillity and security with lots of different shades of green. Use natural items from the garden to create a natural, rustic effect.
  3. Gold and white always work wonderfully at Christmas when you’re decorating, especially if you’re already using red and green. They add a touch of sophistication and magic to Christmas cheer.
  4. Jewel tones, especially purples, blues and reds, work wonders at Christmas time.

Add to the Christmas atmosphere

  • Aside from traditional Christmas-style metallic red, white, silver and green balls as decorations, choose other festive decorating bits and pieces like stars, snowflakes and dried flowers to spice up your Christmas decorations interiors.
  • Gingham and plaid patterns always look good at Christmas – especially in festive red and green, or in a dramatic monochrome. Use these festive Christmas patterns for tablecloths, serviettes, table runners – there are so many different ways to make these patterns work as decorations.


Deco Gazelles Garden Christmas Navy Table Runner by Selmacardoso from a superb selection at maakeHome

  • Fairy lights have their own magic at Christmas, and help to light up a room, a table or table setting beautifully.
  • Dried flower arrangements and wreaths can be used in such a different way to create a festive, beautiful Christmas atmosphere.
  • Small Christmas trees – from pint-sized ones on table centre pieces or settings to bigger trees festooned with ornaments placed together in their own space in a room, can create a stunning decorating effect at this time of year.
  • Hang a Christmas wreath on all the windows facing the street. It will create a warm welcome when the windows are all lit up at night.
  • Ribbons in red velvet can feel festive and give another festive edge wherever you place them – on chairs, nametags, Christmas gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, you name it. 

Home and hearth at Christmas

The hearth really is the centre of any home, especially when it comes to Christmas decor interiors and decorations.

There’s nothing quite like gathering round a crackling fire after a hearty Christmas feast and opening gifts together. It reminds us that no matter how tough the year has been, family is always there to share special moments with and make lasting Christmas memories. 

So decorate your fireplace and make it as festive and beautiful as you can. Keep the atmosphere festive with lots of greenery on the mantlepiece – let the fire be the highlight and add candles for a special Christmas atmosphere. 

Make the hearth cosier and more comfortable with lots of throws and pillows. These soft furnishings used for decorating are invitations to everyone to cuddle up warmly by the fire with a cup of something steaming hot, like coffee, cocoa, a hot toddy or whatever takes your fancy.


Christmas Reindeer Bed Blanket by Faenkova from maakeHome’s stunning selection

More inspiration for your Christmas decoration

Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorating using colours, patterns and styles for room decorations athis holiday season. Create your own unique individual festive decor look with some of these inspirational ideas.

  • A warm welcome: Make sure friends and family feel the festive spirit from the moment they arrive at your front door. Add some colour to the wreath on the door – a bright bow, some berries, lots of greenery and a touch of silver to give the feel of snow.
  • Baubles and bows: Add different coloured metallic luxury Christmas balls and bows in red, green and gingham to vases and bowls and place these decorations around the living and dining room areas.
  • Add blue to the decor: A deep, dark, velvety jewel blue can do wonders for Christmas decor. Add this Christmas colour scheme in bows, table ware, cushions and throws to mix up the festive palette.
  • Make your presents part of the decorations: Choose bright, festive colours (we’re thinking neon green or a bright orange paired with a turquoise or peacock blue) and decorate all the gifts in these bright hues. They become part of the tree decor, or place some of the presents on side tables for a completely different decor look.
  • Play with pattern: You don’t have to keep to traditional festive patterns. If you add some stripes, squares and polka dots, you can create another dimension.

Make them yourself

  • DIY tree baubles:Nothing makes a Christmas tree idea more personal than  hand-made ornaments. Spend a chilly Sunday afternoon with the kids by the fire making colourful Christmas decor. Here are some ideas that will personalise your tree with love and festive cheer. Make pompoms in red, green and white, snowflakes out of cottonwool and add glitter to cut-outs of stars and bells. Check out links to retailer sites for these items.
  • Sweet treats: A bowl filled with gingerbread men, striped candy cane, fudge or peanut brittle gives a touch of sweetness to the festive mood, and a party atmosphere. It's even better if the sweet treats are handmade, as this will add another personal touch!

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies Tea Towel by Gingerlique from a stunning selection at maakeHome

Make your Christmas scheme special with maake

Whether you’re looking for ready-made Christmas gifts in the Home and Decor section of maakeHome. You can personalise these with our exclusive selection of Christmas patterns in the Design Library, or create your own pattern and have us print it for you on a selection of locally made base fabrics for your Christmas interior design projects. Let maake assist. These Christmas products can all be purchased through our links.

We’ll help make your Christmas decor come to life with beautiful accessories.


November 01, 2023 — Alexander Wills