Christmas decorations should be all about abundance. There's no shortage of love, colour and happiness. And there are plenty of celebrations. And let's not forget the huge selection of fabulous colourful Christmas decorations to make us revel in the holiday atmosphere.

We’ve put together some inspiring ideas for Christmas decorations to help you make this festive holiday a colourful, memorable one. Looking for gift-wrapping ideas? Or searching for tips on a festive table decoration? You'll find them here.

Happy holiday themes for Christmas decorations

Choose a set theme and colour palette to complete the Christmas holiday including everything from table decor to the Christmas tree. Here are a few choices:


 A traditional, classic Christmas theme never goes out of style. It’s all about making memories in a warm, inviting, cheerful setting. If your family likes traditional Christmas decor, stick to those.

Keep your theme charming, simple and authentic. Stick to red, green, white and silver or gold tree decorations. These shades are superb.

Classic luxury

Play with matte and gloss, pure colours and lots of shine. Choose sumptuous fabrics like velvet and satin for sheen and depth. Make it warm and comforting. Celebrate Christmas in style.

A little bit country

Natural accents –  wood, plenty of green, natural flowers, dried fruit and pine cones – add a rural touch.

If you like, add a few traditional Christmas animals to the mix – a reindeer or two, birds, mice and other forest friends. It’s a little whimsical and very charming.


Soft, sparkling wintry scenes symbolise romance and fairy tales. Keep the Christmas fantasy alive with soft touches of colour. Try delicate blues and pastel pinks with touches of frost and silver for a stunning effect. 


Create a tranquil winter wonderland that echoes the outdoors but also warms the heart and soul. Use soft shades of cream and white and pretty Christmas patterns that depict nature to create a cosy, enveloping, warmth.


Christmas is full of memories – both reminiscing about past seasons and making new ones. 

Choose a Christmas theme that reflects this: perhaps some gingerbread men or colourful wooden puppets. Add lots of red, white and green.

And now for some different decoration

Add a touch of personality that sets your Christmas theme apart. Perhaps you choose psychedelic colours for a tree bauble or two, or some neon hues for decoration.

Everybody loves a surprise, so use an unusual Christmas theme and create some magic. It will brighten up the day and create a welcome talking point.

Festive decor colour choices

Before you choose a Christmas design think about a colour. Make sure to check out our informative blog on how colour affects our emotions. Here's some more Christmas colour inspiration:

  • White: Frost and snowscapes are always gorgeous.
  • Shades of green: Nothing says Christmas quite like a splash of greenery.
  • Sparkly metallics: These are always fabulous and festive at Christmas. Choose gold, silver, graphite or metallic reds, blues or greens. 
  • Jewel colours: Start with selected shades of purple, from soft lavender to a pretty plum or brilliant jewel tone for decoration. This will brighten up any festive Christmas table decorations. Use the same idea with shades of green (pick any green, from mint to emerald green, and everything in between). 

You could also use the colour blue the same way at Christmas. These look stunning with any metallic. 

  • Neutral tones: These shades look gorgeous with white, cream, silver and woody hues. Or mix terracotta with gold for a different take on Christmas.
  • Monochrome: Black and white always has a place, even in Christmas decor. Add touches of grey and silver or pewter for a festive feel. Mix it up with a black and white plaid, or choose a sophisticated houndstooth pattern. 

Vintage Nordic Christmas Fabric by Laura_May_Designs  from our Etsy Store

Velvet is a great choice for a sumptuous, wintry Christmas feel. If you want to add a pop of colour, choose a forest green and a bright crimson or berry.

  • Innovative combinations: Mix bright colours with metallics for a modern Christmas look. We're considering cobalt blue and silver, or gold and pink. For something completely different, take frosty white or silver and mix with mint green and a touch of soft blue.

Personal Christmas designs for gifts

The personal touch never goes out of fashion. It's a good idea to personalise your Christmas gifts and Christmas cards this year. Choose a pattern the person will love and take a look at hand-made Christmas gift ideas.

Tiny Tossed Dinos Apron from maakeHome

It's your chance to create some special decoration. What's more? You can personalise it for no additional costs! It’s far nicer than buying a Christmas gift. Check out the exquisite patterns in our library of exclusive patterns, or:

Browse our, or customise your gift

Festive crafts

Say 'I love you' with a Christmas gift you've made yourself. Delight family and friends with some simple crafts this Christmas. Here's some inspiration:

  • Bake Christmas biscuits or cook up some delicious fudge.
  • For decoration, make a garland or wreath out of nuts, dried fruit, some pine cones and greenery.
  • Choose the fabric and browse our great selection to sew some gorgeous Christmas bed linen.
  • Hand-craft a few tree ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree.
  • Knit a scarf, a hat or a pair of gloves for someone you love.
  • Paint a picture for decoration – better yet,get the kids to paint a picture and have it framed.

Wrap it up

Make your Christmas gift wrap extra special with a unique pattern from our fabulous selection! Let your Christmas gift wrap do double duty! Choose a pretty fabric item (we suggest a throw, tea towel or kitchen towel from our tableware range at maakehome).

And don’t forget. You can always design your own fabric!


October 23, 2023 — Artemis Doupa