Transform your home with these kitchen decor ideas. Make the kitchen the heart of your home: warm, beautiful and family-friendly. Transform it into an area you all love spending time in.

We all gravitate to the kitchen – for food, family time, fridge raids and everything in between. Create the perfect living space for the whole family. Your kitchen should be colourful, full of personality and as beautiful to look at as it is functional.

Everybody spends so much time in the kitchen, so this space needs to fulfil so many tasks. It should be homework friendly, a place to relax in, the perfect spot for a cup of tea and a sandwich, and the creative hub for delicious meals. 

Get creative with kitchen decor

Here are some stunning home kitchen decor ideas to make your home comforting, cosy and creative. We've come up with a wealth of inspiration for you.

We all watch Masterchef and other kitchen TV shows where famous celebrity chefs (thank you Nigella) display their skills and show us how to create simple, delicious meals.

Here’s some decorating ideas and designer inspiration (including some DIY) on how to make your home kitchen rule…

Decor ideas for kitchens

Firstly, when considering kitchen decor ideas, decide the type of space you wish to create. Ask yourself: is it elegant, homely, luxurious or a combination of all of these? Do you want modern, sleek, decorative, colourful, traditional kitchen / kitchens?

Formulate a wish list of design ideas and then get started. Remember: timeless and classic will always be popular, as these styles last a lifetime and modern touches can date.

·      Add a touch of nature: Bring the outdoors inside and brighten up your home kitchen with pot plants and a kitchen garden full of herbs. A touch of green on the kitchen island or used as a window treatment will give an instant lift. Depending on your personality, choose homely or modern. Grow chilli, dill, oregano, basil and other herbs for a fabulous and functional touch.

·      Keep everything close: Keep kitchen equipment and accessories like tea towels, pots and pans, mugs, spoons, hand beaters and other utensils within easy reach for when the cook is busy in the kitchen. 

·      Add some kitchen color ideas: Transform those important necessities – kettle, toaster, blender, etc – into colourful and festive pieces that are functional too. You could even choose a colourful fridge or stove to add a delightful spot of color to the room. 

·      Use the wall: A statement wall, whether it’s a stand-out because of decorative wallpaper, brightened with paint colors, or filled with family photos or the kids’ art, can add interest to a home kitchen.

Some more innovative ideas

·      For the collector: If you collect mugs, plates teapots or salt and pepper sets, display them so everybody can enjoy them. Show them off – on a shelf, on the wall, or perhaps open shelving… whatever suits your space. It will charmingly personalise your space and create excitement. Also, they’re not hidden nor are they collecting dust in a cupboard!

·      Brighten up the room with colourful additions: Some home kitchen decor ideas for a small room that's basically all-white. (Everything white includes walls, cabinetry, floor, island, surfaces etc). Add a shock of colourful kitchen decor using colourful appliances and kitchen staples. Pick a toaster and kettle in a pastel shade – blue, pink or cream. Or go bright with a bright orange fridge or brilliant blue stove. Anything that will make a statement in your home kitchen.

·      Ideas for shelves: A great addition to any home kitchen is a wood bookshelf filled with recipes and cookbooks. Be innovative with this: the shelf could even be part of your kitchen island. Or, if you enjoy watching chefs cook on TV, create space on a wood shelf for a TV.

3 great additions for home kitchens / kitchen decor

1.     Chalkboards: Create a small chalkboard, or cover an entire wall so that you can all write something on it. The fridge gets so full of reminders, bills, photo’s etc. Why not create a space that opens up for you to fill with reminders: appointments, a shopping list, etc.

2.     Wallpaper: Personalise your wallpaper and design it with something meaningful to the family. Why not choose bright pink roses? Or choose something in brilliant blue – blue always works well in a kitchen. If you don't want to use floral wallpaper, there are plenty of fabulous patterns to choose. You're sure to find one in gorgeous colours that will create a great conversation piece. 

3.     Wine bottle holder: Thinking about displaying a collection of items in your kitchen? Here's a great idea: why not design a place to store wine? Perhaps you could even put a wood shelf on the kitchen island? When creating your wine bottle rack, make sure it’s easy to reach. That's really important when you’re entertaining or cooking, and it will be nice to look at.

3 innovative design ideas

1.    Blue and white: A great color blend and one of those successful combinations that always makes a home kitchen cheerful. Paint a kitchen cabinet door blue and white, especially if the kitchen walls and window frames all have white finishes.

Whether you choose a soft pastel or go bold, a blue and white kitchen will always makes the cut. Use blue and white on the walls, curtains, cabinetry, kitchen accessories, even the appliances!

2.    Hanging pots: Display all your pots and pans, and make them easily accessible. Create a wood rack that hangs from the ceiling, perhaps right over the kitchen island. This can create a charming country atmosphere. Also, hanging pots and pans will also be on hand whenever you need them.

3.     An area for dining: One small kitchen idea: Create a small area on your kitchen countertops or the kitchen island? It's the perfect spot to grab breakfast in the mornings. For larger rooms, there are a number of great kitchen ideas. One of these includes having a more elaborate breakfast area with a wood table and chairs for the whole family.

A colour conversation for modern home kitchen design

Here are a few thoughts on kitchens/kitchen decor ideas and colours to inspire you…

  • Don’t leave your kitchen muted and all-white: Instead of white only, why not add a spot of colour – and if you like a minimalist look, choose a touch of greenery. It could also add a country kitchens feel.
  • Choose a blend of different shades: Instead of one bright colour, why not try a blend of two or three contrasting shades that complement each other?  
  • Forget matte black, stainless steel and boring neutrals: They look great on a book cover, a car and an ornament, but not so great on countertops or a kitchen island idea. 

Rather choose brightly colored appliances, accessories, backsplash tiles and crockery. An example: Orange, white, yellow, brown and green are appetizing, cheerful colours.

  • Saturated bright colours to consider: A creative designer will use russet, amethyst, forest green, periwinkle blue and the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 – Viva Magenta!
  • Be creative with your colour scheme: Try to design a scheme using at least two colour tones to create a cohesive look.

Use designer patterns in modern kitchenware (dinner or cocktail napkins, tea towels, aprons, table runners, placemats) and on kitchen islands to create a focal point.

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More design ideas to consider

·       Create an accent wall: On a statement wall, use a saturated colour and a bold pattern. These go hand-in-hand to add interior designer style to your home kitchen, especially if you’re sticking to a neutral or simple white kitchen.

·       Points about patterns: Mix patterns in pretty shades for a subtle statement. This works well on curtains and decorative accessories (tea towels, chair cushions, trays, teapots, plates, bowls and so on), perhaps all grouped together on a shelf. Small areas of interest in the room can be like little designer treasure troves if you get the mix right. Spotlight them with pendant lights for extra effect.

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July 03, 2023 — Artemis Doupa