The ads tell you to: ‘buy your fabric cheap online’. So you hit ‘enter’ and you’re off on to your UK online fabric shop for a shopping spree so that you can start sewing. But is a shop on the internet really the best way to purchase fabrics or fabric products? Let’s take a look


We all know that the United Kingdom is renowned for producing a huge range of high-quality fabrics. They offer these fabrics for sewing both fashion and homeware. Customers are spoilt with the variety of fabrics on sale online. They can even choose from a huge selection of stunning fabric items that are ready-made. In fact, you can print on both the fabric and each fabric unit. You can choose a design, image, logo or photograph to personalize them so that each fabric is unique. That’s the type of customer service we offer at maake.

What options are you looking for when you buy fabric online?

You need to be sure that the fabrics you’re choosing will fit the item you’re going to be sewing. This is why British fabric manufacturers who have sold products on their website offer detailed descriptions of each of their fabrics. Remember, when you buy material from a UK website, this is not a real fabric store. You don’t have a salesperson standing in front of you, answering your questions about each of the fabrics. So you need to ask every possible question you can about the fabric before you choose it:

  • You need to view details of exactly what the fabric should be used for.
  • What is the fabric made of? Is the quantity box fabric natural or synthetic? Does the fabric have certifications, like GOTS cotton for instance.
  • Ask whether the fabric is natural cotton or linen, certified safe for children, breathable, waterproof, fire-retardant upholstery fabric, GOTS-certified 100% cotton or cotton lawn summer dress fabric, etc.
  • Does the fabric have stretch? If this is the case, the fabric could be ideal for athletic wear.
  • Is the fabric breathable in summer? This is one of the reasons that natural cotton fabric is so popular.
  • Are you making the right choice of fabric for a warm winter outfit for Nov or a cool summer garment made out of cotton fabric?
  • Is the fabric hard-wearing? Depending on what you intend to use the fabric for, durability is very important, especially if you’re looking for fabric for upholstery, for instance or a long-lasting natural fabric like cotton.
  • Will the fabric withstand the elements so that you can use it outdoors?

      Remember this when you buy fabrics for sewing 

      1. Read all about it: We’ve already mentioned that we give our customers detailed descriptions of each of the fabrics we stock, as well as the characteristics of each of the fabrics to help you find the perfect fabric to create your products from. We also detail the width of the fabric, the weight of the fabric, its composition, fabric certifications, fabric properties, usage and how to wash and take care of the fabric. You need to have all of this information before you order and start sewing fabric.

      1. For instance, if you’re looking for kids fabric, make sure to read our extensive guide Kids fabric choices: best fabrics for children. Looking for a party dress? Read our go-to list, The best fabrics for special occasion dresses. Want some inspiration for décor and design? We’ve got all the information you need on a variety of fabric subjects.

      2. Order a fabric sample: If you’re unsure whether a particular fabric is right for sewing, or wish to see what a pattern will look like when it’s printed on the fabric, it’s best to order a fabric sample first. We offer an innovative fabric sample book. This is the best way to explore our regular range of fabrics. It provides you with the look and feel of each fabric and shows you what each fabric looks like when it’s been printed on.

      In addition, we offer a comprehensive fabric colour atlas. We create this from 1 metre of fabric that has 2,400 colour options and their codes printed on it. This metre of fabric shows you exactly how a colour will print on fabric. It’s the ideal fabric colour-matching tool, too. 

      Some more tips to consider when you buying great fabric online

      • Once you’ve chosen your fabric, order only what you need: At maake, we print fabrics on demand for customers buying fabrics online. We always suggest you purchase exactly the verified amount of fabric that you need. This a sustainable way of ordering fabrics on the internet, as you are ensuring that there is no fabric waste. Just put on your wishlist: it’s also cost-effective as you purchase exactly the amount of fabric that you need – even just a half meter.
      • Select sustainable fabric wherever possible: This is where purchasing anything on the internet, including fabrics and products made out of fabrics can be tricky. Be sure you’re choosing sustainable fabrics when you browse and shop onli. Remember: all natural fabric, like cotton and linen, is sustainable. Everything maake does focuses on sustainability. We only purchase fabrics from local producers; the fabric you purchase is British-made and manufactured sustainably. We print on fabric sustainably, too. We use sustainable printing processes on natural cotton fabrics and synthetic fabrics; these require little if no water and 95% less energy. We also use sustainable inks to print on fabric; these inks are safe for kids.
      • Take advantage of our Zero Waste fabric policy. We send excess fabrics and cut-offs to local schools, educational institutions and charities .We also offer every customer a choice of 1kg and 2.5kg upcycling bags of excess fabrics as well as 15kg fabric upcycling boxes. This is completely free. You can pick up these fabric cut-offs at our North London factory. If you wish to have these free fabrics delivered to you, you only need to pay a small fast delivery or shipping fee.
      • Look for inspiration: Many websites will have inspiring blogs, tutorials, tips and patterns to help you start sewing whatever you are keen to produce out of fabrics. Even if you’ve already decided on what fabric item you’re going to be making for yourself or your business, this is a great way to pick up ideas and learn all about fabrics, fabric trends for fashion and homeware and fabric printing, too.

      How to purchase fabrics from a fabric store

      There are plenty of good websites on the internet for you to purchase fabrics from. These internet portals specialise in lovely fabric items. 

      Ensure that the fabric items you’re about to purchase are quality items. We recommend the following:

      • Choose a marketplace that knows a lot about fabrics and offers superb items created out of quality fabrics.
      • Check that the fabric items are sustainably and locally sourced and that these stunning fabrics are sustainably produced and printed on.
      •  Look for fabric professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy, with superlative service and fast fabric delivery. 

      Why not give us a chance? We’re experts in the fabric industry. So you can trust us to choose only the best fabrics for the superb fabric homeware items and French terry cloth garments, amongst others, that we offer. And we have become renowned for our professional service.

      Advantages of purchasing fabrics on the web

      Certainly, many people prefer to go into a store to purchase fabrics. They love being able to feel the texture of fabric through their fingers. This gives them a good idea of what the fabric is like. 

      They prefer to learn about the fabric first-hand. This way they are able to tell whether the fabric is lightweight or heavy fabric. They know whether it's warm wool fabric for winter, cool cotton fabric, soft or rough. 

      There are plenty of advantages to purchasing fabrics from an internet store, especially at Christmas

      • You can purchase fabrics from a local website/store, as well as globally. 
      • You can purchase fabrics whenever you have the time, day or night. They are available for early Christmas or birthday shopping, or for last-minute gifts.
      • How do you choose one wool or cotton fabric from another wool or cotton one? It’s often easier to look through a catalogue of fabrics and fabric designs on a website than it is to do this in real life, especially if there are numerous fabrics and patterns to choose from. 
      • All of the website fabric warehouse in the UK’s offerings have made the fabric shopping part of our offering seamless, quick and easy, even in peak season (Christmas, Easter, etc).
      • A fabric marketplace on the internet is often like a department store specialising in fabrics, where you can purchase fabrics as well as fabric items that meet your specific requirements, whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday present, kitchen tea, organic cotton dress, 100% wool jersey etc.
      • It can work out less expensive to purchase fabrics on the internet, even with delivery, shipping or postage of the fabrics – even in peak seasons like Christmas. Also, you can look out for special fabrics deals, discounts and offers on your purchases (these are also seasonal eg Christmas, Easter, etc) as well as on shipping and postage. This way, shopping for fabrics on the internet can be even more affordable.

          maake's UK website fabric shop

          We offer a variety of fabric shopping choices when you purchase fabrics on the internet in the UK. Take a look at our new website, maakeHome. It offers you the chance to browse and shop a variety of clothing and gorgeous homeware items made from fabrics. This is especially handy at Christmas or for other special occasions.

          These come in a fabulous choice of exclusive designs. And when you choose one of those designs to use on your fabric or product, we pay an independent artist.

          You can also create your own fabric. This means that you can produce fabrics tailormade to suit different special days and seasons, like Christmas and summertime. Are you looking to create your own personal fabrics and then make something out of the fabrics? Or are you searching for a ready-made fabric gift for someone special? Either way, take a look at our fabulous fabric product offerings. 

          Order fabrics here

          Create your own fabric design


          June 23, 2023 — Artemis Doupa