Choosing customized gifts for those who mean a lot to you is a great, very thoughtful way of giving gifts and cards at Christmas, a birthday, wedding or other special events. And for good reason. It shows that a lot of thought and care went into selecting the gifts and cards.

Personalised gifts show that the giver went that extra mile to choose something the person, child or parents of the baby receiving the gifts would really like, gifts they would use, or something that would mean a lot to them.

Why personalised presents are the best choice as gifts

  • Personalised presents are a way of adding a personal touch to gifts.

  • These gifts show the recipient that the person giving the gifts really cares.

  • These gifts make giving gifts easier than just choosing something arbitrary.
  • You can have the person’s name printed on to personalise gifts. These printed gifts show the person receiving them that the gifts were chosen specifically for them for Christmas, a birthday or other occasion. These are great gifts for everyone, including a new baby.

  •  Those personalised items constantly remind the person who receives the gifts and cards of the giver.

  • A personalised present for Christmas or a birthday shows thoughtfulness on the part of the gift-giver.
  • Most personalized gifts are bespoke gifts, gifts that are one of a kind. And gifts like that are a very rare commodity.

10 tips to help you make gifts more personal

Here are some tried and true methods of customising gifts at Christmas and gifts for myriad other occasions. Learn how to give back with gifts that offer a personal touch: 

1.   Think about something the person loves to do

This could be a hobby, interest, talent, you name it. Why not choose Christmas, birthday or other special gifts that are directly related to this?

Does he enjoy fishing? Have a photo camera for photography? Handicrafts? Does she spend her leisure hours designing outfits? Cooking? Skiing? Looking for homes for abandoned pets?

Whatever the hobby, there’s myriad ideas for gifts to choose from: a T-shirt, books on the subject, gift cards to the person’s favourite store selling items related to the interest or hobby… the list for Christmas and wedding day or other special occasion gifts and cards goes on.

2.   Personalise a gift with a name

From maakeHome's Valentine collection

Putting the person’s name on gifts immediately makes the gifts special. There are so many gifts you could personalize in this manner for birthday or Christmas gifts. Personalised ideas for gifts include T-shirts, towels, bed covers, caps, home accessories, note cards, glasses, mugs, engraved jewellery, notebooks and diaries… the list of gifts is endless. Whatever gifts you choose and for whatever occasion, make sure they resonate with the person who will receive the gift, that these gifts are something he or she will use and treasure.

3.   Special gifts don’t always have to be things

Memorable, personal gifts for a birthday or Christmas gifts don’t necessarily have to be products or things. Christmas and other gifts could as easily be an event, or experience you share with someone that you make customised to make it extra-special.

Perhaps arrange a tour that would interest the person, say a tour of a heritage building, a visit to a famous art gallery or museum, or a tour that covers a subject that interests them, say a haunted house tour, or a dinner party that involves solving a murder or a mystery.

Taking the effort to organise something like this as a personalised gift will make these Christmas, wedding, birthday and special occasion gifts that much more special and meaningful. And you’re likely to have lots of fun enjoying the experience together. You can always make cards to commemorate the event as well!

4.   A hamper that creates a memorable experience

You can’t go wrong with gifts for Christmas and other occasions comprising a basketful of goodies that tick all the right boxes. This way, you're combining personal gifts and experiences together and creating something extra-special. 

If you're giving someone a ticket to see their favourite band, why not include a few extra present touches? These gifts include a picnic hamper to take with, complete with a bottle of wine or other alcoholic drink gifts, glasses, earbuds and a picnic throw. Then you won't only be giving personal gifts; you’ll also be helping create special memories!

5.   Create your own personalised present

If you’re a talented chef/seamstress/painter/whatever, why not make unique Christmas gifts, or for a birthday, wedding or other special day? Making gifts yourself shows just how much you care. And if these gifts are something they will really like, they will become a popular choice. 

Chocolate lovers will never say ‘no’ to delicious triple-tiered chocolate cakes as gifts for any occasion, including Christmas gifts and gifts for a birthday. Someone who loves plants will delight in plant gifts such as a gorgeous bit of greenery planted in a hand-crafted ceramic pot.

You can create so many gifts, so come up with specific items. Now start creating those perfect gifts and give them to friends and family as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and cards or personalised items for other special events.

6. Create customized scrapbooks 

Scrapbooks may not be on trend anymore, but these books are really great personalised gifts for friends for every occasion, Christmas and a birthday or wedding included. So if you’re creative, why not put a personalised scrapbook together as a present that celebrates a special day, anniversary or an event, a person or a memory. These gifts will remain with the recipient forever.

Sure,  it takes lots of effort, but that’s what personalised gifts are all about. For gifts, find a photo, a menu, invitation, scrap of ribbon from a gift, cuttings from magazines or pages from old books, any memento that signifies the occasion, birthday or memory you’re trying to depict.

Make the present look beautiful. Make these gifts something the person will love to look at and reflect on. The more meaningful and personalised the gifts are, the better.

7. Let them choose their own gifts

A speciality shop, malls, sports clubs and other clubs offer birthday or Christmas or Valentine gift cards for sale so that people can choose exactly what gifts they want when they spend their cards. You couldn't find more personalised gifts if you tried!

Here are some perfect ideas for these types of personalised gifts: Choose a meal at the person's favourite restaurant, a monthly hamper from the book or wine club, an expensive facial, spa day or voucher cards that enable them to buy whatever they want from a shop in the mall. All of these are really great gifts, special cards that enable them to have exactly what they want.

8. Give a piece of yourself for free

Here’s a very out-of-the-box gifts idea!

Why not share something of yourself with the person you care about? If you know they love that fudge you make every weekend, make them a personal batch as a present one day. Or why not fill a jar with the ingredients and the recipe? These are the perfect personalised gifts.

Other great ideas for personalised gifts: knit somebody a throw, or crochet a patchwork quilt or a jersey. Give back to someone special by wrapping up a book or books you know they’ll love, a beautiful tapestry you painstakingly created or that bracelet of yours they always hanker after. Nothing beats sharing something you make or own for Christmas gifts or personalise gifts for a birthday, or creating gifts especially for someone.

9. Donate to a charity in the person’s name 

A lot of people feel strongly about giving back to particular causes including animal conservation, sustainability, the homeless, and proper pet care. Sometimes donating and giving back to a cause they care a lot about will be one of the most meaningful gifts they will ever receive.

Why not choose the type of gifts for them that give back? Often, the person will be informed via emails or cards that someone has donated in their name. Gifts that give back are immeasurable gifts, and possibly the most personal, special gifts you could ever give.

10. Make the gift wrap part of your personal present!

Perhaps the gifts you’ve chosen for a special day, Christmas or anniversary are simple items that the person needs. This could be the case if you’re buying something for a baby or for Christmas or a birthday.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure to cover these gifts up ingeniously and you’ve created a masterpiece of personalisation! It’s easy to take fabric items and use them as wrapping for gifts (and that’s where maakeHome comes in! Personalise your fabric item here!

Just add ornaments, stars or ribbon and you’ve created a unique masterpiece.

If you use a customized tea towel, T-shirt or throw as wrapping for even the most simple gift, this will personalize the gift and show how much you care. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the rave review!

A touch of inspiration

Personalised gifts are things the people receiving those gifts will treasure, meaningful gifts that will be remembered. These gifts provide that special touch to a special day and a difference to someone who means a lot to you.

Here’s a list of awesome gifts and seasonal ideas:

Print a monogram on a gift, include your personal handwriting, family photo gifts – anything customized. There are so many great ideas for Christmas gifts or for gifts for another special day. Or think about how you can give back when you give a rescue pet as a personalised gift – or you can make your own pet gift, like a dog bandanna. Check these ideas for back to back Christmas gifts, or for birthday gifts or gifts for special occasions…

Personalized presents for her for special occasions

  • Fill a jar with a recipe and ingredients for something she’ll love making.
  • Print an old family photo on canvas or a choice of different coloured boards and have it framed as a photo gift. These Christmas, birthday, wedding, anniversary and special occasion gifts are always well received.
  • Shop for a necklace or bracelet with her name on it.
  • Engrave a jewellery box with her name on it for Christmas.
  • A customised gift like coffee mugs or glasses or travel mugs, mugs or glassware for the office or cocoa mugs or a teacup and saucer are great presents.
  • Note cards, birthday, wedding, Valentine and Christmas cards with matching envelopes with her name on – these make a great gift for a teacher.

Personalised presents for him for special occasions

  • Thoughtful gift: plant a tree in someone’s name in a devastated forest area around the world.
  • Put the recipient’s name on a purse or wallet. Put money or gift cards inside, especially for Christmas and birthday gifts, or a memorable anniversary or birthday gifts.
  • Old-fashioned vinyl records he’ll enjoy with a recycled record player to play them on. Finding the perfect record selection and a working record player as the perfect gift will take a while, so start early with this type of gift!
  • Subscription to a hobby eg wine of the month, or tickets to his favourite football team’s at-home games make a great Christmas present.
  • If he collects watches, shop for a watch box where he can keep them all together. Have a word or two engraved on gifts to give an extra touch.
  • An online subscription for a favourite magazine or podcast epitomises Christmas and birthday gifts that keep on giving.

A range of personalised presents for kids or a baby to shop for

    • Personalised name puzzle for a baby to grow up with.
    • A hamper full of painting supplies or arts and crafts for the creative kid to enjoy.
    • Cute personalised pyjamas, slippers and/or gown for a child or baby make perfect gifts.
    • When the baby has grown up, shop for a customized mobile phone cover featuring the child’s name and favourite sport/game/toy.
    • Another great idea for gifts – why not personalise height chart boards for kids rooms or when the baby becomes a toddler. A great gift for recording the height of a baby from the moment he or she starts to walk.
    • A cut-out wall decal with the baby boys or girls name – a lovely touch for a bedroom for kids or a baby.

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    Little Dinosaurs Kids Apron from maakeHome

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    August 01, 2023 — Artemis Doupa