We’ve changed our attitude towards summer and summer colours in he past few years. Today, everything goes for cool summer color. It’s all about freedom of expression. You can experiment at whim with colour and patterns and how you combine them.

For the coming summer months, we’re keen to find different ways of expressing ourselves and our personalities by using different cool fabrics and colours. Clothes are free, cool against the skin, light and bright.

No matter whether they are organic or synthetic, soft summer fabrics are comfortable, cool and easy to wear. For summer, the palette of colour is medium range and soft. In the heat, every colour goes in a palette – colours from sea green to soft grey, rose brown and those with touches of a blue undertone (for instance, softer shades of grey including blue grey). For something different, why not choose the colours that represent an English country garden palette that will make the skin glow?

It's exciting to be able to express ourselves the way we want to with colours in the new summer season. Actually, it doesn't matter whether you prefer a neutral palette or neon colours, softer or in between for summer, winter or even autumn. The color analysis for summer includes a variety of individual choices, offering you the freedom to be yourself and use the soft colours you love best.

Fashion: colour palette for a summer wardrobe

Individual choices don’t stop there… according to Vogue France, fashion is just as versatile these days. Analysis of fashion trends for spring and summer 2024 offers endless color and design possibilities for every wardrobe. For the summer season, the emphasis is on cool skin and hair and easy dressing. 

Soft summer colours abound, from sunset tones to baby blue. Or go for beige nuances that look wonderful against a tanned tone or colouring or a dark skin colouring. Think about how popular a true summer colour palette is for ash blonde hair and highlights! These beige colors are offset by bright neon for the more adventurous and for those who have a naturally dark tone and lightly coloured hair.

Patterns are fluid and free to ensure you can keep looking cool all summer long. The summer trend list includes plenty of denim, transparent fabrics and, for a complete contrast, try more than a touch of Goth (black and shades of dark grey).

Cool summer colors for clothes 

The kaleidoscope of cool summer shades and colours include Pantone colour of the yearViva Magenta from 2023 and this year’s colour, Peach Fuzz, which show both sides of the colour spectrum. This powerful, empowering color is full of exuberance, joy and optimism. What’s more, this beautiful summer hue will make your tan and light hair glow!


Other gorgeous cool summer colors in the soft summer palette for the season include a tranquil blue, Verdigris, lavender and sunset hues of reds and corals. These colours are medium range and offset a tanned or dark skin beautifully, especially when someone also has lighter hair, golden hair highlights or blonde hair.

Nature and sustainability are important, both for hot summers and for when the temperature cools down. There are plenty of earthy, natural summer shades and colours and palette choices – greens and brown colors muted with a subtle addition of shiny gold. And you'll find that a delicate, fresh summer color is sure to make its mark in the warmer season, with an abundance of summer’s gorgeous florals in a variety of softer and bright colours.

For inspiration on fabrics to choose for summer clothes, read about The Best Fashion Fabric Choices in the UK.

Fashion: light summer fabrics 

Summer fabrics for every wardrobe are cool, calm and collected, and there's a distinct focus on sustainability. Think recycled polyester (rPET), Tencel, lurex and viscose. The wardrobe choices are endless.

You’ll find diaphanous materials for summers, both day and night, lighter textiles that caress the body. There's a wide selection of quality fabrics, too. Some of these are only summer-worthy, whilst others will see you through the winter season, too.

Denim is always popular for summer days. Choose coolness and softness for your wardrobe in light washed denim fabrics in soft colours that are sustainable and fresh on the skin in summers.

After careful research we have come up with the best fabric selection for a sustainable summer wardrobe. These include authentic materials and recycled types as well as fabrics used to make utility wear.

A smart summer wardrobe outfit features delicate, fresh materials like soft satin and pretty organza that brush softly against the skin no matter the colors you choose. Add a flash or silver, grey or black sparkle to your wardrobe and you’re good to go.

Cool summer color choices for interior design

Like fashion, the interior décor color hunt is all about freedom of choice and expressing your personality with colours and fabrics. Similarly, the season’s summer palette of colour leans towards fresh colors that offer a cosy, comfortable environment. This palette for summer is created by using textured eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics. 

  • Popular summer colours and colours choices for keeping the interior cool include white and muted grey, plenty of gorgeous green and earthy colours.
  • Experiment with a contrast of rich color palette choices. These look great as a winter contrast, too.
  • Try graphic or contrast prints in different muted colours, even grey, for an interesting mix.
  • Don’t forget gorgeous pink colours that celebrate Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023, Viva Magenta – a palette that is great for walls, carpets and soft furnishings.

Light summer hues for interior design

Whether they are modern, maximalist or minimalist, homes are a true flection of their inhabitants. Summer season décor is functional, versatile and easy to live in as well as gorgeous to look at. Here’s some tips for cool, light summer décor fabric in medium colours for summers ahead:

  • Choose natural fabrics that are soft, cosy, light and cool, with a stylish edge. Most of all, make sure they are sustainable. 
  • Real fabrics like cotton and linen are cool, light, hard wearing and beautiful. And recycled materials are all the rage. There are also bio-based textiles such as vegan leather, which offers a dramatic contrast.
  • Pure fibres also create wonderful texture in carpets, curtains, couches and armchairs.
  • Texture is all-important: bring the outside indoors with cool fabrics and accessories (cork, wood, rattan that are in complete contrast to softer fabric choices). Handmade woven fabrics are especially popular.

      Playing with patterns

      • Play with pattern in various colors that represent summers past and present. Anything goes with patter, from a timeless design to something more modern. Layer gorgeous materials in different patterns and colors like stripes and checks for a rich, individual effect.
      • When it comes to pattern, remember: large designs are great for bed headboards, chairs and rugs. Pair with curtains, cushions and lampshades featuring small patterns.

      maake's color palette

      Your light summer clothing colour and summer season color choices for your home are as individual as you are. After doing some intense research on colour, we’ve added some of Pantone’s colours suggestions for summer colours to inspire you.

      And we’ve added a stunning selection of summer family of designs from our exclusive library for inspiration. Once you’ve checked them out, why not read our comprehensive list of our top choices for The Coolest Fabrics for the Summer Season. This is a good helper, something to keep for summers to come.

      Pantone summer colour selection:

      • Blue Perennial: Stand-out blue.
      • Summer Song: Tranquil light blue colour.
      • Skylight: Pure, cleansing aqua.
      • Vanilla Cream: Soft, creamy and delectable tone.
      • Gray Lilac: A dreamy, light mix of lilac and gray.
      • Leek Green: Subtle vegetable colour.
      • Macchiato: Coffee with a light foam.

      Pantone top choices:

      • Fiery Red: Super-charged red tone with an energetic intensity.
      • Beetroot Purple: Bold fuchsia colour.
      • Classic Green: Nourishing green hue.
      • Crystal Rose: Clear, modern romantic light rose pink.
      • Tangelo: Tangy, tasty orange.
      • Peach Pink: Warm, tonal nurturing peach.
      • Empire Yellow: luminescent, joyful colour.
      • Love Bird: A lively, exotic green.

      Soft fabrics from maake

      When it comes to naturally light summer fabrics, we’ve covered all the bases for true summer colours to shop for, for both interior design and fashion clothing. Take a look at some of our summer materials that caress the skin or keep you cool at home:

      Fashion fabrics

      • Active Eco Lycra: Polyester and elastane fabric used for swimwear, active wear and accessories.
      • Organic Blossom Muslin Gauze: 100% cotton textile certified safe for children. Versatile and used for kids clothes.
      • Organic Lily Jersey: 93% GOTS cotton, 7% elastane. Light cotton jersey with a 4-way stretch. Used for T-shirts, leggings and kids clothing.
      • Poppy Lycra Jersey: 89% cotton, 11% elastane. Light cotton jersey ideal for kids clothing, leggings and T-shirts.
      • Single Cotton Elastane Jersey: 90% cotton, 10% elastane. Fabric that’s soft against the skin. Used for kids clothing, T-shirts and leggings.
      • Slub Chiffon: 96% polyester, 4% elastane Ultra-lightweight material with a floaty drape. Popular for dresses and other summer garments.
      • Summer Voile: 100% polyester. Breathable fabric with a floaty, elegant drape. Popular summer fabric for dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories.

      Fabrics for clothing and interior design

      • Avio Cotton Mix: 95% polyester, 5% cotton. Versatile textile used for fashion garments and interior décor.
      • Organic Drill Natural: 100% GOTS cotton material. The unbleached version of our Cotton Drill, which is a popular choice for homeware and clothing.
      • Organic Poplin: 100% GOTS cotton. Organic version of our Cotton Poplin. Great for bedding as well as shirts and dresses.

      Cool fabric for interiors

      • Cotton Denim: Ideal for upholstery, accessories and crafts.
      • Eco Basketweave: 100% polyester, of which 65% is recycled. Commonly used for cushions, curtains and table linen.
      • Eco Linen Look: 53% recycled polyester, 5% linen and 42%polyester. Used for décor accessories by eco-conscious homeowners and designers.
      • Limani Linen: A stunning blend of 10% linen and 90% cotton. Its slub yarn creates a tactile texture. Ideal for homeware and accessories.
      • Melino Linen: 93% cotton, 7% linen. Light cotton/linen blend often used for curtains, homeware, tea towels and other accessories.
      • Optic White Organic Panama: 100% GOTS cotton bleached material often used for curtains and cushions because of its durability.
      • Organic Optic Calico: 100% cotton. The organic version of our Calico Plain Cotton, which is used extensively for interior décor. This version is excellent for cushions, curtains and summer upholstery.

      It's time to create!

      Before you print on summer fabric with maake, read our blog on the most popular print methods. Choose which will suit you best for summers to come.

      Now, Upload Your Design using any cool color and pattern you wish.

      And don’t forget to create perfect summer fabric colours by ordering our innovative Colour Atlas. Shop for yours here from our site and read all about how to use the Colour Atlas to choose fabric colours correctly.

      August 09, 2023 — Alexander Wills