Kids wallpaper can really make a child’s bedroom fun. Wallpaper has the power to create the most striking atmosphere in a room without you having to change anything else. And what better way to personalise your child’s bedroom than if you add some creativity and fun through wallpaper?

Here we offer a list of inspiring kids wallpaper ideas so that you can add some of them and transform your child’s room into a fantasy land.

When you add an inspiring kids wallpaper design, you can create so many memories with the help of their imagination! In fact, your kids will love a cute child’s wallpaper as much as you do. This is a fabulous idea for home decor as you are able to shop for and add children’s wallpaper way more easily than having to paint over murals or bright shades on walls. Wallpaper is always a good choice, so read on and find out why.

There’s also the bonus of restyling your child's bedroom when you add wallpaper and it doesn’t create too much fuss!

We have compiled a kids wallpaper list of our ideas for you to add your favourite childrens wallpaper: here are some great home wallpaper choices to fill your child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery with joy and wonder. 

Add a touch of whimsy

Transform your child’s room into a wallpaper wonderland full of fairy tales, super heroes, Disney and any other character that lights up their lives. Take into consideration whether you’re choosing wallpaper for home decor for boys or girls rooms. It’s important that the wallpaper reflects their personality, their dreams and their imagination. 

When you compile a list of children’s wallpaper to shop for, look for every home wallpaper design and pattern from cute characters to a tropical beach or jungle, creatures, fairies and other fantastical wallpaper items. Make sure to complete the room with a fun, happy wallpaper shade palette, too.

Quick creative fabric elements

  • Home wallpaper aside, there’s a list of other important pieces to add to a child’s room to make it special…

    • Storage: Tuck everything away in its own special place so that the room is neat and play areas are free of clutter. Add wallpaper to your list and let it be the highlight of the room!
    • Curtains: While you want plenty of natural light during the day, you want your child to sleep well at night. Make sure you match the curtain fabric to the kids wallpaper mural and that the material is thick enough to keep out any light.
    • Fun additions: Add secret nooks, study areas, a bed canopy (check out our list of stars in our wallpaper selection) – anything that can add another special element. You can even do this by changing the wallpaper in certain areas! Instead of chairs, add large cushions or beanbags that match the wallpaper for comfy seating and relaxing. Children love being able to lounge around! And when you add matching wallpaper and fabric, it’s always a good idea.
    • Input: Involve your son or daughter in creating their perfect space, and that includes the wallpaper. They will love being involved in the process of transforming their bedrooms and being able to add a list of home wallpaper of their choice. Perhaps create a mood board together, or add a wallpaper wishlist – anything, even a quick view Harlequin or a basket galerie of wallpaper that will make their dreams come true.

Shop and review these wallpaper ideas for kids 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite wallpaper designs for you to add to your basket…

1. Floral retro wallpaper

70s Vintage Retro Floral Flowers By trendywoosdesign

Add a floral wallpaper motif; it’s excellent if your little one is a dreamy, romantic soul. Flowers add such a calming energy to a room. This is also a wallpaper design that will probably last for a long time, as flowers and a garden picture are classic and never go out of style, especially if your child stays soft at heart during their teenage years.

2. Doggo wallpaper

Doxies By rocketandindigo

If your kid is a dog lover, then shop for a wallpaper print that features their favourite pet. Dogs have playful souls, and their loyal love helps them build a happy mindset. Depending on what your child likes, you can also add a vintage feel to your wallpaper print, which will make your room look fun, and chic.

3. Animal print wallpaper

Abstract Animal Leopard Print By sunriseglowdesigns

A child’s bedroom wall covered with an animal print wallpaper will keep them company all the time. Kids have the magical power to create stories and imagine adventures where adults only see a wallpaper drawing. We wish we would stay the same! Depending on the animal or arthouse design you choose for the wallpaper, you can add the perfect wallpaper companions for their playtime. 

4. Forest Bambi wallpaper

Meadow with fawn By PetitFaon

Isn’t this wallpaper print adorable? As you can see, you can view woods and add wallpaper patterns that your little ones will love as much as their design-loving parents. This forest wallpaper drawing with fawns looks delicate, sweet and elegant. It’s an excellent wallpaper design if you want to instil good taste in your kids from day one. 

5. Play with dots on wallpaper

Soft Dusky Blue Polka Dots By Evelyn.greer.fabrics

Dots on wallpaper are such an evergreen pattern. Polka dots have been a staple of home décor and design for ages, so why not add this quintessential stylish wallpaper design to your children’s bedroom? This water colour wallpaper idea has an added delicate softness that is an absolute delight. And the wallpaper looks superb, too.

6. Jungle room wallpaper

Jungle Book By ozzybearoriginals

Roar! Transform the bedroom into a wild, exciting experience with the added bonus of a super cool wallpaper design with lots of colour and energy! If you want to satisfy your child’s hunger for adventure, you can also add a black and white wallpaper pattern that will look good with any home decor. You will never get tired of this wallpaper choice: and the wallpaper is ready to grow together with your favourite little person.  

7. Little girls wallpaper

Australian Fantasy Garden Christmas Toile - ruby on white By Brave NewArt

Raise your hand if your little girl can’t get enough of the colour pink – for fabrics and wallpaper, too. If you want to embrace the princess in them, you can add a wallpaper in tones of blush, rose, or coral. This will create a dreamy wallpaper vibe your classy princess will absolutely love. 

Create Colour with Kids Bedroom Wallpaper

Did you know you can become an home decor designer and use colour and patterns with children’s wallpaper in just one click? 

Upload your design here!

Everyone can add their own touch to home decor by viewing and then choosing the perfect child’s bedroom wallpaper product for their own taste, price and needs. Here at maake, you can either create your own wallpaper design or roll view through a list of the wallpaper designs available in our wallpaper Design Library. Then list add to your list when you shop wallpaper from us. Imagine how special it will be, to choose the perfect wallpaper together with your little ones. And the wallpaper price will be a saving!

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Kids Wallpaper Inspiration from maake

Design your own wallpaper

If you have a kids wallpaper design in mind for your home, all you have to do is add it to your design list above and let us print it for you on the wallpaper of your choice.

To help you get an idea of the look and feel of the wallpaper once maake has printed it for your home use, our innovative wallpaper Sample Book is ideal. It features a list of wallpaper swatches, a product review of all the wallpaper we offer so that you can review details of which kids wallpaper to add to print your design on before you product order.

Order a wallpaper sample book to view product and see exactly what your kids wallpaper will look like.