Teal must be one of the most calming colours out there. It’s effortlessly chic, versatile, and combines personality with a peaceful sense of tranquillity.

That’s why teal wallpaper is a go-to choice for interior design aficionados. It reminds us of nature, whether a sunny beach or a tranquil lake.

It’s also a choice you won’t easily get tired of: every time you enter a room with teal wallpaper, it genuinely feels like you’re taking a deep breath of fresh air. It can range from light blue to green undertones, pairing perfectly with your homeware.

Teal wallpaper ideas

Teal doesn’t just have to be a colour, we’re bringing you some nice ideas on how to be playful with teal.

Geometry in teal

We absolutely love a geometric pattern! It gives a low key vintage feel while still looking modern and sleek. Look at how a top floor room that would otherwise look tiny gains such a sophisticated look to it.

Our favourite pick has to be our Arrow design wallpaper: it would give a stylish look to any room.

Teal nursery

Could you name a place that calls for calmness more than a nursery? Your little one is gonna love wallpaper with some nature-inspired minimal drawing. Seashells, clouds, birds: bring the outdoors in to create some sweet memories in your home.


Kids are gonna love this pattern!

Airplanes and balloons by tjneal, order the design

When their spirit of adventure starts to shine, ride the wave and opt for a teal wallpaper that embraces their playful little personalities. Flying with their imagination, without having to leave the playroom. 

Nature captured in teal

Ok, you might see this coming, but teal wallpaper is such a great pairing with nature-inspired designs. It’s the most effortless combo. We fell in love with this romantic dandelion motif, and we’re excited to offer this elegant ‘stingrays and manta rays ocean pattern’.

Picture it at a house by the beach, the wind blowing from the window, a lazy afternoon far from the city’s chaos. Do you also feel the sudden urge to book a weekend off?

Teal wallpapers with feathers

Teal wallpaper is also a great choice if you want to add a creative touch to corners of your house that would otherwise lack personality. Does your entrance look a bit blank? Is the hall looking dull? Then a teal wallpaper will energise them while bringing in a sense of relaxation.


Stripes are a true evergreen.

Stripes are a classic - Watercolour stripes by fancyalice

They go with everything, any setting and any location. Our ‘watercolour block stripes blues’ has a graphic element but still looks so soft and delicate. Is there a better combo with tail wallpaper? We don’t think so.

Create your own teal wallpaper design

Got inspired?
You can either choose a wallpaper design from our own repertoire or create your own custom tail wallpaper. You simply need to pick your design, upload it (don’t forget to confirm copyright!), and you’re all set.

Who said that giving life to your dream home needs to be complicated?

March 08, 2021 — Artemis Doupa