Design and Grow book by Artemis Doupa

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Get yourself a copy of the Amazon #1 best seller by our co-founder, Artemis Doupa.

Design & Grow has revolutionised businesses with a focus on design by assisting founders in reclaiming their design time. This groundbreaking approach is the brainchild of award-winning entrepreneur Artemis Doupa.

If your passion for design has gradually been buried by business admin, process issues, and other non-creative aspects of running a business, the six-step STORMS method will enable you to claim back your design time. Based on proven strategies, it provides tools and techniques to keep designing while scaling a profitable business. Understand how to:

  • Systematise your business and allocate time to what matters
  • Build a strong team that elevates your business
  • Optimise your operations and reduce complexity
  • Market your product and get results with smaller budgets
  • Implement technical and practical sustainability in your processes to create a business for good

For budding creatives and business owners, this is a palletable and comprehensive guide to growing your business and allowing you to keep being creative and do what you love.


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