If you're not red carpet ready, we’ve got some stunning ideas for occasion dresses for you to wear that will steal the limelight at any party

Stand out from the crowd in a choice of beautiful dresses with fabric that is available now and in tune with the years 2023 and 2024. We’ve collected all the current trends to look at and the most luxurious fabrics on sale to make the dresses shine.

The thing about these party dresses is that they can be iconic. You want people to turn around and stare at these outfits, so go all out with the style you choose and the sumptuous fabric that works best on your choice of dresses.

Choose a colour for dresses that will make you stand out, make a selection from long glorious dresses on sale that are a cut above all the others, and you have a winner. Let’s give you some inspiration from what’s tops and on sale in every shop right now…

Fancy events often go into the evening, so think about this when you look for fabric on sale for women’s dresses for grand events, jumpsuits and other outfits. You want some glitter with the glamour, a shimmering style that will take you to the ball, the prom or the premiere in style.

Whether you choose a natural fabric that is luxurious and sophisticated, or shop for something on sale that’s a blend which drapes like a dream, the fabric is as important as the design and colour of the dresses, even if you choose black.

So make sure to take everything into account when choosing dresses for outstanding events.

Stunning printed wedding dress - designed, created and worn by Sara Brown - custom printed on our luxurious Duchess Satin and bridal Poly Tulle

When we view shows on the runway, we love that they always feature dresses, jumpsuits and other outfits with some drama. And that’s exactly what you’re looking for when you shop what’s on sale in dresses for grand events or a party. Dresses that are new, that’s tops, a little bit extra, that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Fabric colours go bold and bright

Patterns aren’t usually a big deal on these types of dresses so make sure the colour you shop for will take you to the next level, even if you find the perfect little black dress on sale.

New hues for dresses and jumpsuits for 2023 tops and on sale in stores now include unlikely suspects like neon green and fuchsia pink, colours that also go from day to night without losing a breath. Choose a colour that you love, and max out the look with the right accessories – high-heeled shoes, bag, coats, jewellery, even your make-up. It’s all about effect when it comes to beautiful dresses. Yes, black works day and night and is effective, too.

Hem length is longer

Don’t consider a mini dress even if it’s on sale; rather go to the max, no matter your size and whether you’re short or taller. Both a maxi and midi dress is easy to wear and these outfits offer the right amount of impact at a party or grand event. These dresses are tops for 2023, so longer dresses will be easy to shop on sale in stores, in a variety of fabrics to suit every occasion. This season’s trends include jumpsuits, so if you go that route, you’ll find plenty of styles to choose from.

Find a midi dress style that flatters your figure, and you’re more than halfway there. Longer dresses should stop at the ankle and the style should be streamlined to suit you. A subtle slit that offers a view from the knee downwards will also elongate your legs and make you look taller.

And yes, you can wear long dresses if you’re a wedding guest, too. So check out long dresses on sale with the right accessories like coats for a longer look. The same applies to coats.

Add a fringe for the occasion

After all, a touch of boho never goes amiss. It’s hard to say no to an effect that moves with you while you elegantly sip a cocktail. Fringing also adds a touch of whimsy, which is tops for a unique look for cocktail dresses or party outfits.

It’s also great for evening wear; it gives it that extra ‘swish’. Check out what dresses are on sale in stores. And remember: if you’re wearing a fringe, go for simple shoes and accessories.

It's party time!

Yes, you can wear dresses with sequins, but keep your sequin maxi for after dark. And make sure that you pare down the look – keep accessories like shoes, coats and bags simple so they don’t clash with the glitz. Back in style: the 80s look is tops again and you can shop plenty of this style on sale, often created with a combination of animal print and sequins.

Occasion dresses: try a maxi dress

Look for a slinky satin slip maxi dress in unusual colours – perhaps teal or emerald green, to take you out in style. Pair these maxi dresses with simple ballet shoes (yes, choose flat shoes – leave shoes with heels at home!) and let the look do the talking. Ballet shoes take the limelight well into 2024, so check out what to shop that’s on sale now before everyone catches on. View these classic style shoes: they suit every size woman.

Add a special cut out

Stylish dresses with cut-outs can do wonders and can show off just a small amount of skin. Think of it as a tiny detail – a view through a keyhole. You could also go daring with a bare back. Show a little shoulder if yours are your best asset. 

Shop for a dramatic party dress

If you intend to startle, or sparkle, you need to be prepared to stand out. Dramatic dresses are tops for doing this for you, but make sure you don’t go over-the-top.

When you shop for accessories on sale for a dramatic look, rather keep them simple. Shoes and cover-ups like coats and shawls should be subtle – choose a pair of petite white sneakers or classic black flat shoes instead of heels to pare down the view. 

Stunning patterns 

 The new A-line shapes for dresses are on sale now and continue into autumn, so if you like to show off your silhouette, this is tops as a choice. No matter what style of dresses and outfits you like, make sure to keep accessories to a minimum for high impact. Keep accessories like shoes, boots, coats, bags and jewellery simple.

Another dresses look that never goes out of style and is available to shop on sale in stores now – ruffles and frills are romantic and frivolous, no matter the season. They always make simple silhouettes interesting.

What to consider for prom dresses

Think about these facts when you choose your new prom dresses:

  • Start with the silhouette. Know your body size and what works best for you, then choose dresses that either drape beautifully over your figure, or float as you walk by – you’ll find plenty to shop for on sale in stores right now. Remember, dresses made from different fabrics will have different effects, so choosing the right fabric tops your list of priorities. And you can always rely on that definitive little black dress, no matter your size. Whatever you do, choose yours with care. Remember this when you hit the stores to view what’s on sale.
  • Keep those dresses simple. Don’t overcomplicate the look with lots of added extras. Keep it simple: choose accessories like glamorous shoes, stylish bags, gorgeous coats and chic jewellery that make you look as if you’re on the red carpet. 
  • Choose a flattering style for dresses. If you want to step out confidently, make sure you shop a style on sale that shows off your best assets, no matter if your size is petite or you’re a plus size. Remember: it’s not about your size; it’s about what looks best on you.
  • What will dresses cost? Dramatic dresses in luxurious fabrics are going to be tops when it comes to costing a fortune.

You know the saying “cut your cloth to suit your coat?”. Well, the same applies to your budget. Don’t shop a style or fabric on sale that will make you over-extend yourself financially on dresses.

Remember: the cost of natural fibres like silk, satin and lace tops those man-made equivalents - and often perform just the same. So check out what to shop for dresses that’s on sale in stores right now.

Luxury fabric that will stand out

When planning new party dresses, you need to think long and hard about which premium fabric on sale will be best. If your fancy event takes place during summer, you need a light, cool, thin fabric like chiffon or organza on your wishlist. If you’re planning to wear it in the cold months, tops are more luxurious, warmer satin, brocade or velvet on sale. 

Don’t forget – different fabrics suit different size and style dresses and outfits. So think about this when choosing the right fabric for fancy dresses. Here’s our choice of the best materials on sale for making perfect stand-out dresses…


Chiffon is created out of a number of different fibres, including cotton, silk, rayon and synthetics. It’s tops as a summer fabric –  light, feminine, sheer, delicate and a touch transparent. It’s also soft to the touch.

Best of all, this plain weave material drapes like a beauty, so it’s tops for floaty dresses. It’s also extremely flattering, no matter your size. It usually is on sale with a lining so that it’s not see-through. Check out the styles to shop that are on sale now, no matter your size.

Don’t forget: This kind of fabric is prone to snagging, and can run. You have to be very careful when you choose to shop for chiffon dresses or fabric on sale.

maake’s chiffon choices 

Chiffon: 96% polyester, 4% elastane. A textured sheer fabric.

Slub Chiffon: 96% polyester, 4% elastane. Ultra lightweight semi sheer chiffon slub fabric.

Eco Satin Flow: 100% rPET (recycled polyester). Luxurious eco dresses are made from this fabric which features an elegant drape.


Created out of both synthetic and natural fibres, crepe is tops for dresses for a special event like a wedding. Renowned for its creased, crepe feel, this tightly woven fabric has a textured effect.

It’s lightweight and flexible, with a 2-way stretch and a gorgeous drape which makes it float and flow. You’ll find plenty on sale right now to suit every size and style.

maake’s crepe choices 

Massey Crepe: A combination of polyester and elastane, this luxury fabric has an excellent drape.

Crepe de Chine: Its fabulous drape and smooth, silky print face make this 100% polyester fabric popular for luxury clothing. No wonder it’s often chosen for one-of-a-kind prom dresses, particularly a floral print.

Eco Mali Crepe: 45% rPET (recycled polyester) 55% PES (polyester). Textured drapey fabric for dresses.


This sheer, lightweight material is created from either silk, polyester or nylon. It feels heavier than chiffon, and is also a stiffer material, so it’s often used for wedding dresses. What sets organza apart is the fact that it’s sheer, like chiffon, and has a sheen, like satin.

This loose plain weave fabric is delicate, feminine and dreamlike with a fine texture. If you’re want to shop for dresses or organza fabric on sale that will make you feel like a princess, this fabric is tops. It holds it shape, is versatile and is great for designing unique dresses. Ideal for both vintage and contemporary dresses in every size.

maake’s organza choice

Organza: 100% polyester. The most lightweight fabric available on sale in maake’s range, it’s ultra fine and sheer. It’s tops for voluminous dresses.


Commonly made with silk, georgette can also be created using synthetic fibres (view maake’s  choice below). This unique lightweight, sheer tight weave fabric has a crinkly texture, much like crepe, that looks incredible on dresses.

Dresses and accessories like coats as cover-ups that are available on sale in this fabric offer a magnificent bounce and flow. The material is very strong, although it’s relatively transparent.

Often used for a sheer effect on elegant evening dresses UK and other grand gowns, georgette can be embellished with embroidery and other adornments like sequins for an even more elaborate effect. Check out what’s available to shop on sale in the decorative party aisles.

maake’s georgette choice

Georgette: 100% polyester. Luxurious textured sheer fabric.


When you view the sumptuous shine, you’ll notice that it says it all. This gorgeous satin weave fabric has a lustrous surface. Made from both natural and synthetic fibres, satin is soft, sophisticated and opulent, tops as a sale choice in stock in every shop for formal dresses for every size woman.

Brides love satin dresses because of their luxury feel and feminine flow. This material doesn’t crease, so it’s ideal for ballgowns, too. It’s very hard wearing and looks good on many different shapes. There are always plenty of gorgeous satin fabrics on sale in every shop. You can choose these not only for dresses – consider the allure of satin shoes, coats and accessories.

maake’s satin choices

View our stunning satin dress selection here:

Satin: 100% cotton. A smooth, luxurious cotton fabric with a matte finish. Ideal for party dresses.

Organic Satin: 100% GOTS cotton. The organic version of our satin fabric, it makes smooth and luxurious dresses.

Faux Silky Satin: 100% polyester. The perfect alternative to natural silk.

Gloss Satin: 100% polyester. High shine gloss satin, popular for luxury dresses.

Duchess Satin: 100% polyester. One of our most luxurious, lustrous ladies fabrics. Great for a party. You can create dresses in this gorgeous fabric for all ages.

Eco Satin Flow: 100% rPET (recycled polyester). Luxurious lightweight eco fabric for dresses with an elegant drape.


This is one of the richest, most lavish fabrics available on sale. Created from silk or from a synthetic blend, velvet has a sumptuous feel and a crushed, gentle pile. It’s very warm, so is mostly used for winter dresses, coats and accessories, so there’s a plethora on sale at this time.

A heavyweight woven fabric, velvet has a subtle lustre and richness that is quite unique. It drapes softly and elegantly, is strong and hard wearing. Makes dresses look extremely luxurious. Check out velvet fabrics on sale currently, particularly black velvet.

maake’s velvet choices

Velvet: 100% polyester. Ultra-soft matte velvet fabric, ideal for grand occasion or party dresses. 

Eco Velvet: 100% rPET (recycled polyester). Very soft matte eco velvet fabric that transforms a dress into a one-of-a-kind beauty.

For inspiration, click on one of these fabulous blogs that discuss UK fashion fabric choices, spring fabrics, the best fabric for making clothing and the coolest fabric for summer.

Refine an outfit with pretty embellishments 


Actress Sarah Jessica Parker made the tutu into a must-have. This light, transparent fine open weave material gives skirts an A-line look and is also used for cheeky bodices. Gives dresses, coats and accessories a ballet feel. You’ll find plenty on sale in stores right now.


A crisp satin material with a dramatic rustle that’s slightly stiff, making it perfect for party gowns. On sale in various fabrics, from light to heavyweight.


Pretty, soft and feminine, lace can give a vintage touch to dresses, as well as accessories like shoes, bags and coats. A haberdashery shop has plenty of choices on sale, so search for a quality shop.

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